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HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer

oil portable


  • Pocket and Travel-Friendly  
  • Short Circuit Protected  
  • 0.8 Ohm Resistance  
  • Micro-USB Charging  
  • Variable Voltage Mod  
  • Stealthy Design   
  • Quick Heating  
  • 510 Threaded  
  • Lightweight  
  • $39.99

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer  

Minimum proportions, maximum performance. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is a solid, well-built, compact unit that packs hefty features despite its small size. It perfectly balances portability and functionality and even takes it to a whole new level.  

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer shines the best in situations where stealth and covertness are key. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer lets you take quick hits in almost anywhere you go, no one would notice and would even imagine that the small fob (frequency operated button) accessory you’ve got hanging on your waist is in the actual fact a portable vaporizer. The secret to their design and engineering success is the flip-style cartridge connectors. While most portable vaporizers used for oils and other concentrates are dead giveaways because of their protruding mouthpieces and material tanks and cartridges, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer effectively hides this crucial vaping component giving the appearance and hiding under the guise of an actual fob keychain.  

This also solves the issue of space and the necessity for a carrying case for vaporizers that require such portmanteau. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is an efficient and a space-saving vaporizer, thanks to its small size (3 inches) you can easily keep it in your pocket, on your belt loops or even on your neck via a lanyard. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer brings a whole new level of portability without having to sacrifice functionality and performance.  

The MiniMax Edge 

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer brings to the table unparalleled edge in vaping.  

While others bank on the advantages of the design and engineering brought by pen-style vaporizers, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer focuses on the inconspicuous nature of the everyday object – in this case, a fob keychain. The fob design of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer rids it of the restriction of the traditional portable vaporizers. While many pen-style vaporizers are equipped with a standard battery the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer uses a powerful 650mAh battery, boasting three times the power and the capacity compared to normal and regular vape pens, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer delivers maximum power while sporting a small and minuscule size. What was deemed impossible in terms of proportionality to power ratio is now made conveniently practical and viable.  

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer holds the power of bigger and bulkier portable units, this small but strong vaporizer wields the power of variable voltage. Despite its size, it allows you to adjust the temperature levels to suit whatever your need is. If you’re out and about, wanting to experience the benefits of your favorite oils and runny concentrates, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer can get you your quick fix. Simply choose the lower voltage setting to get flavorful wisps of clouds, it’s perfect for covert and discreet vaping. Paired with the unique low-key design of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer, you’re sure to enjoy total vaping freedom with the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro VaporizerConversely, if you like blowing huge clouds of vapor, the higher voltage settings will let you draw thick clouds that have decent visibility.  

Experience the definitive vaping edge with the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. 

Universally Compatible  

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer uses 510 threaded cartridge connections that allows you to use a wide variety of cartridges made available from different manufacturers which means you’ll enjoy a vast selection of coils depending on your taste.  

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer also has a large cartridge chamber to accommodate larger, bigger, and wider chambers. While the size of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer makes it more capable of taking in 0.5ml cartridges, you can still use 1ml cartridges although the length of the 1ml cartridge will have the mouthpiece of the cartridge protrude when the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is flipped closed.  

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer improves upon the common pitfall of most switchblade-type vaporizers, the wider port and cartridge chamber means that you’ll no longer experience stuck cartridges that take time before it flips over. The improved design makes it easy on both you and the vaporizer. You'll get tactile feedback and immediate operation as soon as you press the cartridge release button.  

Using The MiniMax Pro 

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is shipped with only 30% charge on it so make sure you plug it in for charging before you use it. Once you’ve secured a fully charged battery it’s time to start vaping.  

  1. Locate and press the button on the top of the vaporizer to open the flip-top, switchblade-type cartridge connection.  
  2. Connect your cartridge to the cartridge attachment, make sure that it’s not too tight and not too lose.  
  3. Tap the power button 5 times to turn on the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. Taping the same button thrice will cycle the voltage settings, tapping it again for 5 times will turn the vaporizer off.  
  4. Let the oil heat, enjoy. 

Value For Your Money 

Value wise, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer delivers more than what you think you’d paid for. On one hand, you’re getting a capable and a dependable vaporizer. On the other hand, you’re getting a unique device that gives emphasis on portability and stealth.  

Not only does it aesthetically and euphorically appeases your cravings, but it also is made durable enough to withstand everyday use and carrying activity. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is a new breed of vaporizer that combines the benefits of discreetly taking in your concentrates while having the freedom of customizing and personalizing your overall experience.  

You no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability.  

What’s in the box: 

  • 1 x MiniMax Pro Vape Battery 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x User Manual  

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