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Atmos Electro Dabber Kit



  • Reverse Airflow Path  
  • Extremely Portable 
  • Innovative Design 
  • Premium Build 
  • Multi-Function 
  • $59.95

The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit Vaporizer  

Revolutionize your vaping sessions with the new Atmos Electro Dabber Kit. This small and portable wax vaporizer functions both as a nectar collector and as a wax pen unit. The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit perfectly marries the benefits of using both tools for wax concentrate use. It’s powered by a robust 3000mAh battery that can handle all concentrates of different viscosity – that's more than enough power even for a wax pen vaporizer. The heating element of the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit boasts high-grade materials that are designed and engineered to keep the purity of your select concentrates so you’d get to experience its benefits only in its purest form. Furthermore, its small and compact design offers a safe, torch-less means of dabbing straight out of your favorite wax concentrate jars or parchment papers.  

The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit makes dabbing easy and gives you different options to get yourself lifted or medicated.  

Collecting Nectars Electronically 

Nectar collectors were once seen as a portable – but still precarious – alternative to dab rigs. You can take them with you almost anywhere you go like how you would with a portable vaporizer though you still have to carry a torch to heat up the nails on the nectar collector. Like the traditional dab rigs, using the same technology and methodology in dabbing poses similar risks. One could get their fingers burned when handling nectar collectors without proper caution, you can also jeopardize the safety of your friends when you’re vaping in a group session especially when you’re with a person who can’t handle his or her share of concentrates.  

While the task of dabbing with a nectar collector could be seen as somewhat discouraging, many still prefer the use of nectar collectors since it gives them the freedom of escaping the limitations of the average vaporizer as well as conventional dab rigs. Vapes and dab rigs use chambers and bowls where you are to put your concentrates and other materials and most vaporizers and rigs can only accommodate so much that you would have to reload several times if you’re a heavy user. Nectar collectors let you dab right out of your container or parchment paper giving you the freedom to hit on huge dabs and take on huge loads for a more intense euphoria.  

Atmos turned this conundrum into a challenge and made a vaporizer that can combine the elements of both platforms. They took what safety features the modern-day vaporizer could offer and used what advantages the traditional nectar collector can bring to the table. The result is the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit. An electronic nectar collector which lets you take dabs straight from your container without having to use a butane powered blowtorch.  

Advanced Heating Elements 

The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit uses advanced heating elements to mimic the heating style of nectar collectors. A touch style heating tip enables the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit to draw power from the rechargeable battery to heat the exposed coils. Like what you would do with a nectar collector simply let the heating element touch the wax concentrates till they heat up to vaporization.  

The advanced heating tip is made up of two staples in vaporization technology – ceramic and quartz. The combination of the two components results in a balanced heating that does not burn or combust the concentrates. The base part of the heating tip used for collecting nectars are made from high-grade ceramic, the heating element is made up of high-quality quartz. The quartz tip easily heats up the concentrates while the ceramic base keeps the temperature low and slow for a balanced heating. By nature, quartz is a component that easily conducts heat while ceramic is the exact opposite. The use of quartz in the main heating element enables the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit to generate immediate and almost on-demand heating of materials while the ceramic base balances the heat and disperses it evenly to make sure that the vapors that you inhale are cooled down making the yield of the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit smooth and will not irritate the lungs and the throat.  

Both components work hand in hand to give you vapor yields that are comparable with some of the best vaporizers on the market today.  

Charging The Electro Dabber 

One of the gems in the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit is its powerful 3000mAh battery. Because of its capacity, the charging time recommended to charge the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit battery is around 7 hours though you can unplug the battery from the mains if the charger says that the battery is fully charged.  

To begin charging the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit battery, simply remove the heating chamber cover and the heating element from the battery. Once you’ve secured the battery, connect the USB charger to the battery by screwing the charger to the attachment. Once connected, attach the charger to the mains. To ensure that the battery is charging, check the light on the charger and check if the light is blue. Should the light on the charger go off, this means that the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit is finished charging.  

After you’ve successfully charged the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit battery, you can now use it.  

Loading And Operation  

Because the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit works as either a wax pen vaporizer or a nectar collector the procedures on how it can be loaded or operated varies.  

To use the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit as a nectar collector, simply attach the advanced heating element to the battery. Using the advanced heating element will allow you to draw from the bottom of the vaporizer instead of the top. This is made possible thanks to the reversible airflow path which enables you to use the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit as a nectar collector. The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit can otherwise be used as a traditional wax pen vaporizer. Just connect the quartz chamber and load the desired amount of concentrates.  

Press and hold the power button and enjoy.  

What’s in the box: 

  • 1 x Electro Dabber  
  • 1 x Advanced Heating Tip 
  • 1 x Quartz Heating Tip 
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger 
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool 

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