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Viva La Vape Resistance Vaporizer

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  • Cooling Fan
  • Ground Glass Technology
  • Hands-free Vaporization
  • LCD Digital Display Screen
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • $176.95

Viva La Vape Resistance Vaporizer

Formerly known as the Viva La Vape Riot, the Viva La Vape Resistance has many different features you would be looking for when you want a clean, pure vaporization session. It has an easy to use system with a nice digital display screen so you can see your current temperature. One side of the screen shows the temperature you've set it on and the other side shows the current temperature that the vaporizer is at. The Viva La Vape uses Glass Technology to give you the purest vaporization and it also has a cooling fan to know your vaporizer will never overheat. It comes with the Whip kit, silicone tube and also the aromatherapy kit and oil diffusers to be able to vaporize your favorite oils.

Using Ground glass technology, the Viva La Vape Resistance offers its users the best hands-free vaporization. You Don't have to hold the unit like your typical desktop vaporizer.

Digital Display

The Viva La vape Resistance utilizes a digital display LCD screen so you can see the temperature you're at. It provides you an accurate temperature airflow that is pulled when you inhale. On the right side of the screen, you can actually see the temperature you have it set to. The Left side displays the current temperature and it will also show you the temperature climbing when it is reaching your desired temperature.


  • Vaporizer with metal housing
  • Glass whip and mouthpiece
  • Tubing
  • Replacement Fuse
  • Two replacement screens
  • Wooden stir stick

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