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7th Floor SideKick Vaporizer

herb wax portable


  • Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • Large .25 Gram Capacity Chamber
  • Digital Temperature Control (100°-455°F)
  • Removable/Replaceable Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Conduction/Convection Hybrid Heating System
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber/Ceramic Encased Heating Element
  • 21 Heat Settings
  • Stirring Capability
  • Vibration Notification
  • Elegant Ergonomic Design
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • 18” Vortex Vapor Cooling Path
  • $199.95

7th Floor SideKick Vaporizer

The SideKick portable vaporizer is the ultimate vaping unit for herbs and waxes. The unit encumbers over 21 heat settings, a stirring capability, and vibration notification to better help optimize your vaping experience. The SideKick can reach temperatures of over (248-470F) with 21 points of different types of temperature change. 7th Floor is known for their commitment to making the best vaporizers in the world as they made some of the best desktop units but now they're here making an ultimate portable vaporizer called the SideKick vaporizer. The SideKick is now considered one of the best top-notch portable vaporizers in the world.

SideKick Features

With the SideKick portable vaporizer, it allows you to stir your herbs while it has a mechanism to stir your herbs throughout the vaporizer session. The bowl cooks hotter than any other hybrid conduction/convection heating processes. The stainless steel screen and the inner plate makes the stirring mechanism more effective as it is a durable component when you're vaping with the herbs. The SideKick is one of the most powerful vaporizers in the world. It has many great features like a vortex vapor cooling system which gives you the highest level of heating to fully maximize the heating of your vaping experience.

SideKick Heating System

With the state-of-the-art vapor path insert that extends the distance in which vapor travels from the heating element to the point of inhalation to over about 16. This allows the vapor to cool down before being drawn which takes away any type of harsh taste which predecessors don't have this type of technology to utilize this feature. The results come back with pure, evenly-vaped vapor production with high vapor density. When you want to get something like the SideKick portable vaporizer, you should know everything there's when you buy this vaporizer and we promise that you learn everything you need to when owning the SideKick Vaporizer.

Custom Hand-Blown Glass Made In The USA

The SideKick features a lot of glass to be able to fully utilizes all the cooling technology available when vaping with the SideKick vaporizer. 7th floor has gotten a good reputation for making some of the best hand-blown glass for vaporizer accessories. They're one of the best in making this type of durable glass that will last forever without breaking as long as you take care of the vaporizer itself. The SideKick is really equipped for vaping with high-quality hand-Blown glass, their vaporizers perform the best without any altering taste when you vaporize. Having glass is the true way to taste the purity, flavor, and potency. With this hand-Blown glass, it won't compromise your vaping with materials such as silicone, stainless steel or even plastic. The reason why 7th floor produces the best vaporizers is making high-quality, hand-crafted vaping technology.

SideKick Temperature Control Technology

With the SideKick portable vaporizer, there are many things you can do to control the heating with the SideKick vaporizer. You can adjust the SideKick in increments of .5 to 1 and up to 11 with the spin tap technology it now makes it possible for you to quickly and easily use the temperature control system. The SideKick vaporizer is highly optimized, from heating levels of 248 degrees Fahrenheit to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. With over 21 points of temperature control, you're really in control of the heating using the SideKick portable vaporizer. Since there's different temperatures you need to control when you're using herbs and waxes the SideKick can handle any type of custom vaping levels with a clear view of the LCD screen that displays all the info as it will show you the temperature, current temperature, battery level and the voltage as well as the vape time. This unit is one of the best units to use when it comes to controlling the temperature without any hassles.

SideKick Vaporizer Battery

Most portable vaporizers don't have a removable battery, they simply have it to where it is embedded within the vaporizer allowing less control of the amount of time you can vaporize as well as the charging time. 7th Floor eliminated any hassle as the vaporizer is powered by dual removable 18350 lithium-ion batteries. Having this within a system, it will make a clear range of potential battery problems down the road. If there ever was a battery defect, the battery simply can be removed with a new one and instead of shipping off the entire vaporizer, you simply ship back the defected battery to get a new one while you wait for that, you will still be vaping with the SideKick.

All Glass Vaporization

As the glass is hand-blown in Colorado, it makes for a quality vaping style once you notice the thickness and the viscosity of the glass that's produced to give you the ultimate satisfaction in pure vapor, flavorful and highly potent vaping. The SideKick incorporates ceramic heating element fully functional to be able to vape at the highest standards. The Ceramic glass is made with the glass mouthpiece, vortex cooling insert, vapor tubes, both the top and bottom lids and there's also a stainless steel concentrate can be able to use with wax concentrates. You can grind up to one gram in the heating chamber and the SideKick can also be a portable dabbing machine using the Stainless steel concentrate cans to turn this unit into a high-performance dabbing vaporizer.


When it comes down to having the ultimate vaporizer in your pocket, It is the 7th-floor SideKick portable vaporizer that will be there for you when you need the best type of ultimate vaping whether you want to vaporize herbs or wax, this unit can do it all. A clear view of the LCD screen will let you know the current temperature, the temperature inside the heating chamber, battery level as well as the voltage and wattage this vaporizer is powerful. The SideKick has it all as the hand-blown glass is one of the biggest innovations produced since every pull of the SideKick will be highly potent and flavorful vapor without having to taste any altering tastes that other vaporizers have. The Temperature levels of the SideKick are from as low as 248F to as high as 470F. Equipped with 21 points of temperature control to make the best vaping you could possibly want. This is the ultimate vaporizer with the full ceramic heating chamber the vapor has to go through over 18 inches of glass before you actually inhale the vapor. With this ceramic glass technology, you will enjoy cool, flavorful pulls out of the Sidekick vaporizer which is made by 7th floor. If you're a dabber you can place your waxes on top of the stainless steel concentrate can to be able to dab with this machine. The SideKick is easy to charge and uses a lithium-ion battery as it is completely removable with dual 18350 batteries in play, you could charge and never lose the vaporizers battery since you will always have a fully charged vaporizer.


  • 1 x Hand-blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Sets of Rechargeable 18350 Li-ion Batteries
  • 1 x External Battery Wall Charger
  • 2 x Cleaning Brushes w/ Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • 1 x Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • 1 x Small Bowl Tong/Scoop
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Oil Can
  • 1 x Huny Bucket Silicone Wax Container
  • 1 x Coconut Oil Mouthpiece Lubricant
  • 1 x Travel Bag
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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