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Randy's Chill Vaporizer

herb wax portable


  • Freezable Tube 
  • Built-in Storage 
  • 3 Temperature Phases 
  • Aqua Bubbler Mouth Piece 
  • Magnetic Coil and Coil Chambers
  • $149.99

The Randy's Chill Vaporizer

Since the late 70's, Randy's Wired Papers prided themselves with their products. Providing consumers with nothing but only the best. from wired paper lines, they started to develop vaporizers. And today, we have the Chill. The company's latest innovation from their vaporizer product, that continues to brew and stir up commotions in the market. 

Revamping Your Experience With The Chill 

The Chill offers a new exciting feature that is not available to other vaporizers out there. This freezing mechanism allows its user to experience vaping on a whole different level. This is something that made the Chill unique and unparalleled. Putting it on the list of the best vaporizers ever created by Randy's. 

Glass Mouthpiece 

The Chill has two glass tube mouthpiece that functions in two ways. The first way, users can freeze the glass tube for an extreme cooling experience. The longer the glass tubes are kept frozen, the better the performance you can get out of it. It emits quality and enhances the taste of the vapor if kept longer in a low temperature. The second way, using it as an aqua bubbler, simply fill in the glass tube with water and you are set. 

Magnetic Coil 

Since the Chill is built with a magnetic coil, replacing coil from herb or wax is simply as quick as one snap of your fingers. You can now enjoy either weed or concentrated loads. A must-have device for people who always seek out a variety of flavors. 

Coil Chambers 

You don't have to worry about bringing bags or storage accessories to house your tools for this device. The Chill has chambers creatively designed by manufacturers. This aspect of the Chill makes it an ideal pick for the minimalist type. 

Heating And LED Indicators 

The Chill has 3 levels of heat temperature and each can suit your preference. From high, medium, and low choosing the best heat to blend and match your preference for outstanding vapor is within reach by just a few clicks. 

Click, Chill And Go 

The perfect portable vaporizer, lightweight and easy to carry. The Chill is easy to handle, you can enjoy it as much as you want, anytime and whenever you go. Travel with it during beach outings, vacations or even driving yourself home. Perfectly fits into your pockets!   

Built With A Classic Look 

Furnished with aluminum and designed to have a classic appearance that comes with 3 different color designs. Choose the style that suits you, Chill while you go.  


The device is built not just for the sake of veteran vapers but also, it suits newbies as well. Operating the Chill is no sweat for newbies, just press the start button located on the right side, the upper part of the device. Pressing it five (5) times will automatically turn it on, switching modes are much an easier feat to achieve. The Chill is simply built to offer users ease of operations and quality performance making it the best 2 in 1 vaporizer of 2018. 


  • The Chill Vaporizer 
  • Concentrate Coil 
  • Dry Herb Coil 
  • Metal Tool 
  • Freezable Tube 
  • Aqua Bubble Mouthpiece 
  • USB Charger 

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