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Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer

herb, wax, oil, portable


  • 650 mah battery 
  • Drag time: 25 seconds
  • White led light color
  • Metallic gold color scheme finish
  • Low battery indicator
  • New click-in atomizer technology
  • $99.09

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer

Cloud pens 3.0 vaporizer kit has created a very high quality newest version of the Cloud Pens series. They focused on quality atomizers that come in different sizes used with titanium technology. The coils come since, double and triple as well as a vertical type of atomizers. This innovative design ensures you get the best dabbing pens products and they even come equipped to handle herbs. This unique new version will give you the best vaporization experience out of any type of vape kit series that Cloud Pens developed.

Cloud Pens 3.0 Battery

The Cloud Pens 3.0 battery now gives you double the battery powered with the 3.0 version. It carries over 650mAH of energy in the new cloud pens 3.0 battery which gives you twice the vaping length of over 4 hours of continuous usage without worrying about recharging the battery. The new lithium ion 3.0 battery is a newer version that allows the cloud pen to run clean and won't allow your herbs or waxes to burn at all as it delivers very clean and efficient vapor. The Cloud Pens battery fulfills all your vaping needs with this new version. There's an LED light indicator on the battery that lets you know when your battery runs low. Once you have only 10% battery left, the cloud pens 3.0 battery light indicator will let you know that's running low and you need to charge the battery. The Battery charges with a micro USB connection as you can connect the battery to any port.

Cloud Pens Functionality

The Cloud Pens Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizer kits in the world for your wax dabbing and it won't leave you with burnt materials left. The kit can finally do it all which was the goal Cloud Pens was looking to accomplish. You get effective vaporization with all materials including herbs, waxes, oils, and concentrates and each atomizer is differently made out of titanium technology which will vaporize your materials precisely and effectively. The atomizers on the Cloud Pens 3.0 is very effective and will fulfill your vaporization needs. The technology of the quality is dual ceramic-rod titanium and hand-wrapped coil atomizers, media A2.0T atomizer, as well as the Cloud Atlas 3 globe and the Atomizer base, is a 2.0 version that comes well equipped specifically for drawing very efficient and effective vapor.

Cloud Penz Quality

Cloud Penz 3.0 is a wax, herb and concentrate kit that gives you double the energy levels for the battery usage as the older version had way less battery power and this 3.0 version lets you take pulls of up to 25 seconds letting you know at 10% battery power when it is time to recharge your batteries. The well-equipped cloud pens 3.0 allows you to get amazing pulls when you're dabbing and the concentrate atomizers which are vertically will allow you to get the entire chamber vaped without worrying about the amount of concentrates you load inside the atomizers. You can now get very effective vapor draws when using your waxes and oils. With dual atomizer coils, you can get efficient usage and power to the substances as you won't be left behind trying to use the loading tools to stir the substance around while in the atomizer because the Cloud Pens 3.0 will allow you to get an even pull every time. The hand wrapped titanium coils are ready to be used all the time knowing and ensuring the user that they're using a product with passion in mind. The atomizers won't burn out after a month of using, with the Cloud Pens 3.0 kit, you are ensured very quality vaporization.

Overall Cloud Pens 3.0

Overall the Cloud pens 3.0 kit is a big difference and a huge upgrade to its old version. The older version didn't come with the double battery, all the unique and titanium atomizers and no battery life indicator. With this in mind, you know you can get very effective vaporization for using your waxes, waxy concentrates, thick/think oils and herbs. You'll be left with a vaporizer that can do huge pulls when using such a quality device and you get all this for less than $89.


  • 650 MAH Battery
  • Mouthpiece
  • Dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer
  • Medi A2.0T Atomizer
  • Atlas 3.0 Globe & Atomizer Base 2.0
  • 5pcs Mouth Guards
  • Retractable Micro USB Wire
  • 1 C-Tensil
  • Silicone Cloud Jar
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Cloud Pen sticker
  • Custom Cloud Pen pouch
  • Authenticity Card
  • User Manual

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