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Boundless CFC Vaporizer

Boundless CFC Vaporizer

herb portable


  • Full Temperature Control (140°F-446°F)
  • 1900mAh Battery
  • Large Ceramic Oven
  • Digital LCD Screen
  • Rapid Heat Up
  • Ultra-Portable Design
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • $89.99

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer

Carrying the distinctive Boundless Technologies legacy is the Boundless CFC Vaporizer. The Boundless CFC is simply incomparable both in design and in functionality. Not only is this portable dry herb vaporizer dubbed as arguably one of the most compact units on the market today having features like an ultra compact frame that looks super cool, it’s also super discreet and low key giving you unparalleled stealth while vaping on-the-go.

Although the Boundless CFC Vaporizer looks small on the outside, it’s known to deliver strong and powerful clouds of vapor while maintaining the rich flavors of your dry herb strains, it has a powerful 1900mAh battery capable of supplying this small and portable dry herb vaporizer with enough power for that long lasting vaping experience. No other vaporizer in its class can do what the Boundless CFC can.

Boundless CFC Design

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer sports a sleek and innovative design. With it’s teardrop shape, the Boundless CFC can easily be stashed almost anywhere. It easily goes inside your pockets, right in your bag, pouch or purse. It’s portable and discreet, it allows you to vape your dry herbs discreetly, you can easily hide it in the palm of your hands when you want to go stealthy.

Unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers on today’s market, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer has a durable exterior shell with a rigged rubber finish which allows you to comfortably hold the Boundless CFC without slipping, it also provides added ventilation preventing unnecessary hot temperatures that are normally the issue for vaporizers with smooth metal finish. It’s well thought of ergonomic design contributes to the overall performance of the Boundless CFC, the high grade rubber material used acts as a shell that separates Boundless CFC’s hot body and also allows air to cool it down more efficiently.

Ceramic Oven

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer is equipped with an innovative industry leading ceramic oven which ensures an even and thorough vaporization of your select dry herb strains. The high grade ceramic chamber vaporizes your choice materials with low thermal conductivity suited for smooth and tasty clouds of vapor that’s easy on the lungs.

The ceramic ovens produce excellent vapor quality, faithfully preserving the unique flavors of your dry herb strains, that’s why ceramic is considered to be the most suitable option for heating chamber materials. Ceramic is known for its remarkable properties, like tolerance to high levels of heat which is why it can withstand various temperature settings, and can endure constant and successive use even when you’re vaping on the highest heat setting. It also gives the heating chamber abrasion resistance and longer lifespan to name a few.

Powerful Battery

The Boundless CFC is outfitted with a powerful 1900mAh battery to keep you powered up throughout the day, this battery is enough to last 15 sessions on one single charge. While most portable dry herb vaporizers fall shorty on battery life and power production, the 1900mAh batteries in the Boundless CFC is capable of giving you longer sessions even at a high, constant heat setting at around 400 degrees.

Charging the Boundless CFC only takes only as fast as 2 hours, the Rapid Charge Technology makes it possible to quickly charge the Boundless CFC Vaporizer. It also features a four minute auto shut off feature which allows you to save battery even if you forget to turn it off.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Boundless CFC Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

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