• 1.5ml Pod Capacity
  • 35 mg Nicotine Level
  • Disposable Liquid Pod
  • Magnetic Connection
  • $19.50

The Bo Caps

Bo Caps are a revolutionary pod-based cartridge that’s designed and engineered for specific use with the Bo Vaporizer. What sets the Bo Caps from the competition is its unique blend of strong nic salts and lip-smacking flavors. Each pod carries 35 mg of nicotine which makes a strong throat hit compared to the traditional VG/PG (vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol) e-liquid. This opens up a new spectrum for nic lovers who require higher nicotine levels, something you just can’t easily find amongst VG/PG mixtures.

The Bo Caps can easily be attached and removed from the Bo Vaporizer battery via its magnetic connection. All you have to do is pull the cartridge from the battery, replace it with a new one or with a flavored pod of your choice and insert the Bo Cap onto the battery till you feel the pull from the magnets. It’s that simple, there's no need for that tasking and twisting motion when you’re using threaded connections. Bo Caps eschewed the threaded concept for a more convenient, cutting-edge design.


Flavor Options

The Bo Caps come is six delicious flavors like the Fresh Cut Tobacco e-liquid Caps, I See Mint Ice Menthol e-liquid Caps, Kiwiberries Ice e-liquid Caps, Fresh Mango e-liquid Caps, Jelly Mixed Berries e-liquid Caps and the Apple Juice e-liquid Caps. These flavored nic pods are made by Bo Vapings team of dedicated professionals that work hard to deliver the best flavored e-liquids for your ultimate satisfaction.

All the Bo Caps are subjected to meticulous inspection and are made by using only the best raw materials and do not contain diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl that could be harmful to the human body. All replacement pods are packaged in a 3-pack bundle and are disposable. It’s the perfect vaping companion for you Bo Vaporizer.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x 3-Pack Bo Caps