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Atmos Aegis Vaporizer

Herb Portable


  • Convection Heating
  • Fast Heat Time
  • Portable 5” Size
  • Isolated Heating
  • Temperature Range 320F-430F
  • Large Herbal Chamber
  • $119.09

Atmos RX Aegis

This new vaporizer made by Atmos Technologiesand provides the ultimate vaporization experience for anyone looking for a high-quality portable vaporizer for sale. Thia vaporizer features convection vaporization, has preciseOLED temperature controlwith anisolated air-pathway to protect the electronics from the heating. The Atmos Rx Aegis is a powerful, yet small vaporizer for sale.Dimensions of only 5 inches tall,it is the perfect portable vaporizer to hold inside your pocket to be able to use on the go, anywhere you go.

Atmos Rx Aegis Design

The Design of the Atmos RX Aegis vaporizer is unique in size as well as performance. It features state-of-the-art, polycarbonate design material which has aluminum internal components surrounded by ceramic glass so when you are vaping, you won't have a metallic taste. Theeasy-access mouthpieceis a high-quality standard making it easier to quickly load your herbal blend without having to screw the threading in, eliminating precious time. Inside the stainless steel chamber, you will see the size of the herbal chamber that would be able to hold a copious amount of herbal material.

Atmos Rx Aegis Outside Design

The outside design is very unique, quality built materials. The rubberized finish makes it comfortable to hold, giving you the perfect grip. It has anLED display that youcan set you precise temperature controls with. The Easy Access mouthpiece is curved, similar to a straw(bent) to make it easier to pull the vapor out without any effort. It is a compact, sleek vaporizer with a quality design using the best materials in the industry. Dimensions are small:4.96" Height, 1.03" circumference.

Atmos Rx Aegis Internal Design

Inside of the Atmos Rx Aegis, you will notice very high-quality vaporizer parts within the internal components of the vaporizer. With the best vaporization features, the herbal chamber is built with hard, anodized metal that follows an isolated airflow design with a unique filtration system to produce the purest and potent tasteful vapor. The easy access mouthpiece is designed to quickly snap into place with a unique silicon filter to prevent any particles from escaping while preserving both the taste and potency of your vapor.

Atmos Rx Aegis Performance

This is one of the best herbal vaporizers in the world to use. The Aegis vaporizer uses an advancedLED temperature controlled display systemon the outside. It is completely adjustable within1-degree incremental adjustments between 320F to 430F.It has an isolated airflow design using a unique filtration system that gives out the best taste without tainting the potency and taste. Th Aegis is the perfect portable herbal vaporizer that uses convection heating.

Atmos Rx Aegis Temperature & Battery

The Atmos Rx Aegis vaporizer uses a powerful lithium-ion battery 1650mAH of battery power,it is capable of holding a single charge for over 5 hours. The LED displays the current temperature and the set temperature, there's also a battery bar to allow you to know how much charging time you have until the battery is exhausted. The anodized heating chamber puts out convection heating on your herb so there isn't any combustion. The temperature range is 320F to 430F; you can change the temperature with the arrow buttons within 1-degree increments for precise temperature control.

Buying The Atmos Rx Aegis Vaporizer For Sale

Newest compact portable herbal vaporizer the Atmos Rx Aegis vaporizer for saleis one of the most quality portable herbal vaporizers that use a convection heating system with an anodized heating chamber and a rubber filtration system to prevent any type of particles from being inhaled. The Aegis kit is a high powered kit that gives you precise temperature controls with heating of320F to 430F.The LED screen will monitor the amount of heat you set the gauge to. You can change the heating chamber within 1-degree increments making this the perfect vaporizer to use on your herbal blend. The Atmos Rx Aegis kit comes with a5-year warranty to protect your investment.


  • x 1 Cleaning Brush
  • x 1 Manual
  • x 1 Packing Tool
  • x 1 USB Charger

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