SilverSurfer Shorty Standard Glass Wand

Shorty Standard Glass Wand


  • 1.5 inches 
  • $24.95

Silver Surfer Shorty Standard Glass Wand

This is a shorter version of the standard glass wand from makers of Silver Surfer, 7th Floor. These wands are exactly the same as a normal standard wand but are 1.5 inches shorter. Replace just your wand or get a full whip (which includes wand, tubing, and mouthpiece). The standard glass connection is best for those who want a controlled pinpointed heat delivery set-up when they vape. This style can also be made hands-free with the hands-free adapter. Choose your Colors! We will choose from what we have in stock, butyour request is a preference and is not guaranteed.


  • 1x Shorty Standard Glass Wand

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