QuickDraw Cowboy Vaporizer



  • For Liquids
  • 510 Threading
  • Sidesaddle Connector
  • Hand-Stitched Leather Carry Case
  • 5-Click Battery Lock
  • Visible Measuring Scale
  • $49.00

QuickDraw Cowboy Vaporizer

The Quickdraw Cowboy vaporizer uses some high-quality Pyrex glass, well worth the $50 price tag. It is meant for liquids which will vaporize anything you put in its pass easily. It uses 510 threading and has a sidesaddle connector which will give you better vaping quality and taste as well as very large pulls. It comes with a beautiful hand-stitched leather carrying case and uses a 5-click battery lock with visible measuring scale so you always know the correct amount of liquids you have loaded within the cowboy. This is a new vaporizer that has high-quality components and is one of the best vaporizers you can get for the price.


QuickDraw CowBoy Features

This is a new portable vaporizer device for liquids that uses intuitive design and taken a while to construct due to the high-quality components and technology that enables this vaporize to know when it is running low on liquids and it is time to saddle up with more concentrates. The Patented sidesaddle connector will give you the option to use the entire unit to fit inside a unique holster making it easy to transport or carry around anywhere you need to bring this vaporizer, especially for people on the go in a rush. It has a capacity to be able to hold plenty of your liquids to always use this vaporizer any time you need to. The holster-style carrying case is made out of real, hand-sticked leather with the best construction, handmade. This is a flawless vaporizer that looks really good and can be re-filled up to be able to take up to 400 draws easily.


QuickDraw Cowboy Design

This is a unique style vaporizer, it uses Pyrex glass and stainless steel with glass vaping path. It has a unique side-saddle patented pending side to it to be able to connect the metric measuring device to the entire unit so you get the longest vaping sessions. This is a quality component that is made out of real hand-stitched leather and is one of the higher quality devices that have a low price tag for such an intuitive machine. This is an all-around high-quality vaporizer, enabling you to taste every bit of flavor because of its unique design without wasting any of your concentrates.


Buying The QuickDraw Cowboy

When it comes down to buying this vaporizer, needing to know its quality is very important. understanding how it is made and how it works is very important. With its new side-saddle feature, you should be left with easy knowing that this is the vaporizer that will be able to get the job done with the number of concentrates you can load inside. This is the best vaporizer for you to use and you can also measure the metrics of the amount of liquid volume within the Quickdraw Cowboy vaporizer. All you have to do to quickly use it is simply load your liquids to begin. Remove the cartridge from the battery and ill the cartridge nearly to the top and close. Pressing the power button down firmly while drawing to get the largest rips.



  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Cowboy Clearomizer (Mouthpiece, Heating Coil, Tank)
  • Carrying Holster
  • Sidesaddle Connector
  • Keychain Clip
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual

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