Pax Era Vaporizer



    • 240 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    • Algorithm controlled heating
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Pods sold separately
    • Micro USB charging
    • Bluetooth Enabled
    • Compatible With The Pax App
    • Available Only In Colorado & California
    • $84.95

    Pax Era Vaporizer

    Every Time Ploom creates a vaporizer it turns into gold, that's the case for the really up-and-coming Pax Era; a smart portable vaporizer used for getting the job done for liquids and anything that comes to mind when it comes down to waxy-concentrates. The Pax Era is only compatible with concentrates using what Ploom calls the cartridges "Era Pods" which are pre-filled cartridges that you must buy at any dispensary. This may seem like a limited vaporizer as far as availability goes for the amount of versatility involved, however.


    Pax Era Design & Quality Features

    The Pax Era is a unique styled vaporizer. It is a very flat vaporizer that has a similar design shape to the original Pax vaporizer makes. It uses similar material technology as the unit is made to smart detect the type of oil concentrates on the high quality ceramic flavor richness vapor path. The unit is a very small handheld device which makes it a very simple vaporizer for you to be able to store it in your pocket for quick on-the-go vaping to measure up using real quality when it all comes down to the way this vaporizer was made. Built in a micro-format, perfect to take anywhere on-the-go and ready to be used anywhere that sells the small Era Pods.


    Pax Era Heating Features

    This is a unique portable vaporizer and a perfect one for anyone that wants to use a high-quality device. The vaporizer uses Pax Era Pods which can be sold at many dispensaries across the board. Using a 240mAH Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, the Pax Era is only capable of running at a specific algorithm controlled at various temperatures which will give you a consistent heating quality savoring your liquids. It only takes less than an hour to fully charge the vaporizer as you use a small micro-USB charger to power up the battery which the heating is easily controlled with the Pax Vapor App. The Pax Era is compatible with blue-tooth connectivity which makes this a winning vaporizer as you get better design controllability when it all comes down to the type of vaporizer materials pre-filled in the Era cartridges.


    How The Pax Era Works

    Unfortunately, Ploom has made this portable vaporizer to where you cannot fill the cartridges manually. You will have to go to a dispensary and get the specific type of concentrate you want to be filled inside. By offering pre-filled Era Pods which changes everything on how you vape comparing to the typical clearomizer. The Era Pods usually will run up costs from $30 - $75 (depending on concentrate quality). This is the JUUL type of portable vape pen as this version contains liquid filled THC rather then Nicotine which is the perfect setup for anyone wanting to medicate using a high-quality device. Having pre-filled cartridges may be a better option if you're one to savor the longevity and purified, rich-flavor tasting pulls from a high quality and well-branded vaporizer like the Pax Era Offers its customers.


    Buying The Pax Era

    There are many reasons why the Pax Era is a great buy. The convenience is a big reason why so many people love this vaporizer. It is very affordable, quick, easy to buy the cartridges as you simply load the non-refillable cartridge into the threading and press the power button or connect your blue-tooth device to get the specific algorithm in place to be able to get the best flavor out of your vaping session. Weighing only a few ounces with a small wing-span, the Pax Era is a vaporizer that's really pocket-friendly, and will always be the perfect on-the-go type of portable, handheld vape pen for you when you want to use something very quickly like this vaporizer offers its customers. The only downfall this vaporizer has, the fact you need to buy the specific "POD Era's" at your local dispensary.



    • 1 x PAX Era 240 mAh battery
    • 1 x Micro USB Charger
    • 1 x Instructional Booklet