Innokin MVP Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • Variable Voltage (3.3 - 7.5 volts)
  • Variable Wattage (6.0 - 20 watts)
  • USB and AC ports
  • Digital Flat Screen
  • Ohms Meter
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Settings Memory
  • ON/OFF Battery
  • Short Circuit Atomizer Protection
  • Remembers Last Set Settings (Watts / Voltage Settings) 
  • Puff Counter (Monitor the amount of Pulls You Take)
  • 2600 mAH of Power 
  • Acts as a Backup Battery For Your Cell Phone 
  • 2 Days of Battery Power Before You Charge It Again
  • Battery Level Monitor
  • $130.95

Innokin MVP Dry Herb Vaporizer

The MVP 2.0 battery is one of the best and most durable batteries in the industry. This is a variable battery the has the capability of not only being a battery for many different threaded attachments (501, 510, 601, 720) but can also become your own personal cell phone charger. This battery is powered by 2600mAH of power and can be adjusted from 3.3 volts to 7.5 volts. You also have the option to set the variable wattage to 6.0 watts to 20 watts which is the exact reason why everyone wants to own the MVP


MVP Versatility

MVP battery makes everyday vaping very simple. You can use literally any type of attachment threading in the industry making it compatible with anything. You have complete control of the amount of power you want your atomizer to receive without risking a short circuit on your atomizer. You not only can use your favorite top attachments for oils and waxes, you can also use any type of herbal attachment known to man. Having the MVP in your hand as you hold it, you'll notice the very sleek, thin and heavy durability the steel outer shell posses. It is the perfect battery to own if you're one to get heavy into vaporization. You'll never have to experience a weak battery ever again and not only that, you get a battery with the most durability and battery power perfect for camping or traveling long distances where a power supply isn't in existence. The best part using the MVP, you can take along the USB cord it comes with and uses it as a backup portable battery charger for any type of cell phone that uses a USB cord. The battery life lasts over 2 days without you having to charge it depending on how high your settings are set to.


MVP Advanced Features

Not many batteries offer as many features as the MVP does. You can set your volts up to 7.5 volts in .1 volt increments making it perfect for any amount of materials your atomizer has the capacity of using one pull. You can also use the variable watt settings and increase the watts from 6 watts to 20 watts which completely makes you in control of the power you want to be delivered. This makes it one of the best batteries you can use and one of the most versatile types of vaporizer batteries to even one when you can use it with every type of thread attachment known to man.


Dry Herbs, Liquids + Waxes

Although this is a vaporizer kit we made for you for Dry Herbs, you can use it for liquids and waxes which it does some amazing vapor clouds when you're using the MVP battery. Using the MVP, you have complete control over the amount of heating, watts and volts being surged to the atomizer. You won't find a better battery then the MVP. It's the perfect battery for anyone trying to have the best vaporization experience.


Backup Battery For Your Cell Phone

The MVP can do it all and it does it with speed and power. If your cell phone battery every dies, don't worry!! The MVP is your backup portable battery and will fully charge any cell phone in less than 2 hours. It is one of the most useful batteries ever known to man and is an all-in-one battery that everyone needs to own if you're looking for the best portable vaporizer in the world.



  • 1x iTaste MVP 2.0
  • 2x Clearomizers (For e-juices)
  • 1x Dry Herb Cartomizer
  • 1x USB charger cable
  • 1x Beauty ring
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Acrylic box