wax oil portable


  • One-Button Activator System
  • Sleek Design
  • Simple to Use
  • Glass Globe Design
  • Compatible with Waxy Oil Concentrates
  • $84.95

The Glass Globe Vaporizer

A neat addition, the Original Micro Vaped pen vaporizer is a unique vaporizer that has a lightbulb shaped at the top of the vaporizer and uses metal or plastic mouthpieces. The Glass Globe attachment was made, many enthusiasts believed that traditionalpen vaporizerstake away from the taste, so the Glass Globe was made to enhance the flavorful hits you get. With the Micro Vaped, you can see the amount of vapor you get using the Glass Globe attachment. The Micro Vaped is a high-quality vaporizer that will be sure to provide the best vaporizing experience with your favorite waxy oils.


Using The Micro Vaped?

As many handheld vaporizers, make sure the battery is fully charged when you open It out of the box. Load a couple dabs with your vape tool, after skillet is loaded, screw the Glass Globe and you're ready to go. Press 5 times seamlessly to unlock the battery, press down the power button and hold it while you inhale for 10 seconds. It is a smart vaporizer, has auto-lock feature that will shut off after 8-10 seconds. After you are done, press the button 5 times to lock the battery.


Maintaining the Micro Vaped

As with most vaporizers, make sure you always clean and maintain the vaporizer after use. You want to always maintain optimal performance. You could use alcohol solutions and a normal cotton swab. You clean the inner and outer walls of the atomizer. Make sure you let the atomizer dry before using it again. Fully charge the battery and get ready for 2-3 hours of continuous use on a full battery.



  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1xDabber Tool
  • 1xUSB Charger
  • 1xMicro Battery
  • 1xGlass Globe Attachment

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