Inhalater INH05


  • Dual conduction-convection vaporizer
  • Made of Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Used Nichrome Heating
  • $259.95

Inhalater INH05

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The Inhalater is one of those revolutionary, industry-changing portable vaporizers. It is a dual conduction-convection vaporizer making it only the second portable vaporizer to be a dual function other than the Haze Vaporizer. It is a fairly simple vaporizer to use and works like this: When the unit is turned on, the heating chamber will heat up to the desired temperature. When you breath, it will circulate around the heating chamber The air gets hot enough as it will pass through the capsule which will boil the active ingredients to form the gas of vapor. High Quality Materials The Inhalater INH05 is a durable piece of technology, perfect device for your medical needs. It is made of polybutylene terephthalate which is short of PBT and is a thermoplastic polymer which is one of the best rated materials to endure and conduct heat effectively. The heating element is nichrome heating that is wrapped between a couple sheets of polyimide. What is Nichrome Heating? Not all people know the answer to the technicals, this is why Your Vaporizers is such a great company, we provide our customers with education to make the best purchasing decision. Nichrome heating is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel, chromium and most of the time iron, it is used as resistance to conduct heat at higher temperatures without melting. It has a melting point of over 2500 F which is completely safe with this vaporizer. What is Polybutylene Terephthalate? PBT is a thermoplastic engineering polymer which is used as an insulator for electronics that get really hot. The PNT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little and is very strong with heat resistant strength and is the top material used on a structure of a vaporizer making this thing very durable in case you drop it. This is the material they use in space shuttles cause it is the best quality material. Inhalter INH05 A high quality Canadian built portable vaporizer with all the technology you need to have a dual vaporizer with a concealed heating element and variable temperature control, you'll never experience any combustion using the Inhalater. With the polycarbonate encased material that is the majority of material for the vaporizer, there won't be any type of combustion when using the Inhalter. How to use the Inhalter INH05 Just pull the cap out and put the knob on. By doing this you won't lose your cap while providing a better grip when you put it on your desired temperature. Select that capsule and fill the grinded material up for better vapor extraction Put the capsule into the Inhalter INH05 Turn the knob to the temperature you want. The temperature you select should be set compared to the amount of materials and the density of the materials. After you have set the temperature, the operation light will start to blink which will let you know it is heating up. The more it blinks, the closer it is at the optimal temperature you set it at. When it stops blinking, you're ready to use the Inhalter. You're now ready to use the Inhalter You can use your inhalter with a water tool by using the water tool adapter. You just attach the adapter to the INH05 and insert it into any 14.5 or 18.8mm joints. When using with others, we recommend you to use hygienic tips or alcohol swabs for a clean environment. Replacing the Battery for the Inhalter INH05 Turn the unit “OFF”. Use your thumb to push and remove the knob Use your index finger to lift up the electronics You are going to remove the battery, slide to insert a new battery Push down the electronics using your index finger Aligning the temperature indicator with “Off” and push the knob in. Cleaning the Inhalter INH05 You're going to want to make sure you always clean and maintain the Inhalter to make sure it runs at the optimal settings for the most effective vaporization. After using the Inhalter, make sure you always remove the residues that get stuck in the capsule as well as the heating chamber. Heating Chamber – Use a brush or cotton swab with some Orange Chronic cleaning solution. Replacing The Screen – The pick will come with your purchase so use that to lift the screen out from the bottom of the heating chamber. Use the pick to hook on a new screen and place back inside the heating chamber. Capsules – Soak a cotton swab with Orange Chronic or Agent Orange and rub it on the polyimide to clean the capsule. Glass capsules are easy to clean, soak it with Agent Orange using the cleaning container. Charging the Inhalter INH05 To charge the Inhalter, you just connect the device with the USB connector and place it inside a USB port. A charging light will indicate when it's charging. The light SHUTS OFF when it's fully charged.



  • 1x Inhalater INH05
  • 2x standard capsule
  • 1x charger*
  • 4x cleaning towelettes
  • 4x hygienic tips
  • 10x cleaning tools
  • 1x instruction manual