Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer

herb wax portable


  • Two Full Vaporizers
  • Click-In Atomizers
  • 2 x 350mAh Batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Green LED Lit Button
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • $89.99

The Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer

From the Orange County based manufacturer Cloud Pen, comes another top tier product in the Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer. The OG features elegant an all-black matte finish with a green LED giving it a toxic futuristic look. Similar to the Cloud Pen 3.0 the Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer is outfitted with a hybrid atomizer that’s capable of vaporizing wax oil concentrates and dry herb strains, you’ll never find yourself wanting more. Arguably one of the most complete set you’ll ever find on the market today, the Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer even gives you not just one but two vapes right off the box. This gives users unprecedented value having two vaporizers that can vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb materials.

The Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer gives you everything you need and more, why spend your money on vape kits that’ll have you end up spending more on attachments and accessories when you can vape both your choice of waxy oil concentrates and you premium dry herb strains with the Cloud Pen OG. This premium vape pen is super stealthy and portable, you can carry the Cloud Pen OG around with you with ease and comfort. Get to enjoy smooth tasting hits on the fly whether you’re a devoted dabber or a botanical aficionado, the Cloud Pen OG has got you covered.


Two Vapes at The Price of One

The Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer sets you up with two complete vaporizers right out of the box, because two vapes are always better than one! If you’re the wax concentrate enthusiast with a delicate taste, you can load up to two different kinds of concentrates without ever worrying of swapping atomizers or without ever getting worked up on using a different concentrate with the same atomizer messing around the flavor profile of your concentrates. The same can be said for dry herb connoisseurs, don’t be afraid to carry two different dry herb strains, with the Cloud Pen OG, you’ll have two vape pens to vaporize both material without the unnecessary hassle.

You’ll have two pens to carry around, you’ll never be at a loss. The Cloud Pen OG is a handful option for the cost conscious dabbers and botanical consumers who want more bang for their buck. It’s even good for sharing, help a buddy out and give him the gift of living the high life.  


Sleek Design

The OG features an all black matte finish which gives it a discreet appearance, this is most useful for waxy oil enthusiasts and dry herb strain aficionados who prefer to avoid any unwanted attention from nosy bystanders and onlookers. This wax and dry herb portable vaporizer from Cloud Pen is designed to do just that and does a great job in doing so. It’s small and slim in structure that it fits right in the palm of your hand making it an easily concealable vape pen unit. You can carry it around as you walk around town or you can simply take it with you while you enjoy your short break at the office.

Its compact design also feels sturdy to your hands, Cloud Pen uses only high-quality materials to ensure the device’s longevity and superb overall quality. The improved LED display allows quick monitoring of the Cloud Pen OG’s battery level, when the button is pressed the green LED glows to indicate that the device’s atomizer is heating and is working, once the battery level drops down to 10% the LED changes to red. Its simplified layout appeals to both new users and seasoned veterans. You can see that the device’s functionality was well taken into consideration in its straightforward  and uncomplicated design.

Vape newcomers will no longer have to sacrifice functionality for affordability. Its high-quality material build even makes the unit feel durable enough to withstand fair amount of carrying and use activity. This right here is the real OG.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer
  • 1 x Medi A1.0 Atomizer
  • 1 x Medi A2.0T Vertical Rod Hybrid Atomizer
  • 2 x Cloud Pen Mouthpieces
  • 3 x Mouth Guards
  • 2 x C-Tensils
  • 2 x 350mAh Batteries
  • 1 x A/C Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Cord Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Authenticity Card
  • 1 x Cloud Pen Sticker

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