Atmos i4 Vaporizer

herb wax portable


  • Mechanical Boot Device
  • Ejectable Cartridges For Easy Filling
  • Built-in ion atomization system
  • $155.95

Atmos i4 Vaporizer

The Atmos i4 Vaporizer is an Atmos creation intended for vaping wax, oils using anodized convection heating technology. Atmos vaporizers have gone to the Manufacturers drawing board lately as their team spent countless hours researching and coming up with unique ideas. The Atmos team came up with the idea of creating a portable multi-purpose vaporizer that's capable of producing very thick and great vapor density while maintaining optimal performance and longevity in the battery. They've finally created a great quality unit that makes loading a breeze when you can eject the cartridge and easily load your substance inside the cartridge to easily snap back in the chamber and use it. This was a very important feature to come up with as past creations made it rather difficult to load your materials because the loading diameter was either too small or because a mouthpiece, screen or filter was in the way. The Atmos i4 Vaporizer will be sure to perform to the highest standards and won't let you down.


Atmos i4 Vaporizer Design

The Atmos i4 Vaporizer kit is built tough with the heat-safe grade plastic, it can withstand accidental drops without it breaking and the pyrex glass mouthpiece and internal ceramic heating make it for a purified and very flavorfulvapor pathwithout having any combustion or nasty carcinogen like or manufacturer taste. When you visualize the Atmos i4 Kit, you'll see that the main base is a power brick that powers and uses the ejectable cartridges that you can slip in and out and have multiple backups since you get 5 cartridges. The cartridges have a loading area that you can fill your oils or waxes inside and keep the extras as backup ammo to load in if you're on the go. Since the Atmos i4 base is only 5 inches tall, it will easily fit in your pocket or purse without any issues and is very discreet looking.


Atmos i4 Vaporizer New Features

This is a unique vaporizer kit and unlike any that Atmos has created, this kit will perform to high-level standards and be sure to give you a quality vaporization experience. There are new features that haven't been seen in the market, making this kit an exciting one to own and use.



The Atmos i4 Vaporizer Kit comes with 5 glass cartridges that can eject or snap in to load and use your substance to get purified and clean vapor. The cartridges are made out of pyrex glass and have little loading holes so you can conveniently load your materials inside the cartridges oils or waxes, the i4 vaporizer can vape it all.


Ion Atomization System

The built-in ion-atomization system ensures you get very clean and purified vapor. It is designed for preventative care for your health. Atmos has developed this specific unit considering your health as an important factor as the system is completely set up to never vaporize anything to create any type of combustion. This vaporizer system completely sterilizes itself.


Mechanical Boot System

This is a new system that was created specifically for this vaporizer kit to regulate effective and flavorful vapor without having to worry about the vaporizer locking while you're holding it for vapor.



When it comes to using a very effective device that'll vaporize your oils and waxes at ease and is very easy to load your substance, the Atmos i4 Vaporizer kit does just that with its clean purification system, you won't experience any sort of combustion using the Atmos i4 Vaporizer and you'll also be able to easily remove your cartridges to load your favorite substance in enjoying the clean Pyrex glass and the air-flow of the vapor that prevents any sort of combustion or carcinogens from being inhaled. This is a true vaporizer that's perfect for vaping your concentrates and is a technologically advanced vaporizer kit to use. You can use our coupon codes and pick one up today as you'll get free priority shipping.



  • 1 x Atmos i4 Vaporizer
  • 5 x Clear Chambers
  • 1 x Wired USB Cord
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

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