Alfa Goboof Vaporizer


  • All in one function
  • Dial guarantees ease-of-use
  • Full control assured with 3 manual, 1 AP and 1 AT and heat functions.
  • Innovative battery technology provides
  • 2 Hours run time and 30 second heat up.
  • Hard anodised oven with heating-pin 
  • Even heat distribution and great long-lasting flavour.
  • Sleek ergonomic compact design
  • All metal anodised machined casing.
  • Automatic smart puff technology shut-off saves battery life.
  • Includes USB charger.
  • $226.95

Alfa Goboof Vaporizer

Topportable herb vaporizerAlfa Vaporizer by the Irish makers over at Goboof were looking to hit a home-run creating an extreme quality portable vaporizer for herbs that everyone would go out of their way to purchase. The Alfa Goboof is only 3.74" Size has many features and utilize anodized heating technology. It's small enough to where you can hide it in one hand without anyone knowing that you actually have in your hand.


Design & Quality

Being very small at only 3.74" tall, it is one of the smaller high quality portable vaporizers which seems very simple to most people. At the top you'll see a silicone mouthpiece with a rotary heat setting dial that allows you to choose your temperature settings. The bottom of the unit holds the latched door that simply unlatches when you want to fill your chamber up with herbs.

The Alfa has an extra heating pin inside the herbal chamber that allows you to vape your materials evenly, from top to bottom. This prevents you from having to actually shake or stir your herbs between pulling your vaporizer. The Alfa Goboof was built with high quality and passion from the folks living in Ireland, they know what it takes to make something very small, handheld and discreet.


Easy To Use

Everything about the Alfa is simple, it doesn't use digital guages or anything technologically advanced to cause overall problems in the long run. The Irish know that to much technology can cause to many problems, especially in a small device that heats up to over 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ground your herbs really well and tightly pack the chamber. The pin in the middle will cause problems loading, that's why you're going to stuff the entire chamber because nevertheless, you'll still get the entire herbal chamber vaped no problem.

By not grinding it well enough with it being loose, you won't get the best vaporization results and it could leave you disappointed in the overall use of the unit.

Once you have it completely packed in well enough, you can pull away and experience the brilliance behind the Alfa Goboof.


Alfa Performs Very Well

The main thing that is immediate once you begin to pull away is the abnormal volume of vapor density you'll experience. With the extra pin as an additional heating element to the anodized one already built, you see phenomenal vapor between pulls that's extremely potent since you're essentially extracting everything simultaneously.Vapor productionyou aren't use to seeing will be present upon pulling away. The Alfa is one of those vaporizers where you can pull longer than 10 seconds and get double the vapor, power and intensity compared to your normal vaporizer. This is more of a 'ripping hard' vaporizer cause there's no limit on the amount of vapor it can produce, as long as you're using high quality herbs, you'll see amazingvapor production.

With the heating pin being in the middle, this is what gives it the advantage compared to most vaporizers in its range. You can take shorter puffs in result to experiencing more vapor than any other vaporizer you stack it up against. Since a larger area is being heated, it vapes more herbs. You may experience shorter vaping sessions but inhale stronger and more thick vapor clouds so you'll be using it less than the average vaporizer anyways.


Alfa Temperature Settings

There's 5 different settings that is presently labeled on the Alfa Goboof: LO, MID, HI, A/P, A/T


LO is 374F(190C), MID is 410F (210C), and HI is 446F (230C). When you put it on the lowest settings, you'll find out that it produces the best tasting vapor with the highest quality even though you don't get the amount of density the Alfa is capable of doing. MID is the middle settings which is the recommended setting to use in most cases cause of the quality vapor density with smooth vapor still. Putting it on HI setting gets to high to where you'll actually burn the outer part of your herbs. Your entire herb chamber, the herbs will be completely covered in black sorta like if you burn toast.

Putting it on the A/P setting is called Auto-by-Puff: starts at the lowest temperature and every puff it detects, you'll get a temperature increase of 7 degrees Fahrenheit per pull until it gets to the HI temp. Make sure you take a 7 second puff cause it seems to not want to detect your pulls if it is below 7 seconds, take note if you use the A/P setting.

A/T stands for Auto-by-Time which is the same thing the A/P settings can do, but actually measures it by time instead of puff. You'll experience a heat increase in the course of 20 minutes. 20 Minutes is usually to long but gives you time to recover from a monster pull.

With the A/T settings, it is the most preferred settings actually because when you start at lower temperatures you get richer and pure flavor and a better aromatherapy experience. Once you reach the highest temperature, you can completely vaporize any residual ingredient left in your material that tends to happen when you vape.


Alfa Gaboof Vapor Quality

To sum up the quality from the Alfa is above average. Most of the settings you'll taste very smooth, nice tasting and strong potent pulls.

When you use the lower settings, you experience the best flavor and putting it on low or medium is best to set it at so you overall experience what it is like to vape your entire herb chamber at once instead of how most vaporizers perform; areas of the herb vaped. Unlike other vaporizers, the Alfa will vape everything at once so to enjoy something that the Alfa features should be tried by everyone that vapes in the industry so they know what it is like to have an enriched, enchanted flavor, potency and density.


Alfa Efficiency

The Maximum amount of herbs the Alfa will hold is .3g of material, it all depends how tight you pack it. This is just an estimation on materials held, we've heard of users being able to hold upwards of .5g of material if they pack it fine and tight.

  • From a fully packed herbal chamber you should be able to get about 12 draws if you take medium pulls. You could see less depending on how hard you pull but generally 12 pulls is the average a user experiences.
  • Packing the Alfa half-way should still result in a quality experience. You don't need a completely full chamber to vape well with the Alfa. By filling less materials, you won't need any extra screens or adjustments to the herbal chamber. Just fill it as-is and the heating pin in the middle along with the anodized heating will do its job perfectly well.
  • By Half-packing (.15g of materials) you can expect to get 6-8 good pulls until you need to refill the herbal chamber. This gives you more control of the potency since it will be very strong to endure.


Battery & Charging

When you get the Alfa Goboof, you need to fully charge the high grade Li-Ion rechargeable battery which uses an AC adapter that connects to on the bottom side. Depending on the temperature you use, you will get between 60 - 90 minutes of continuous use. You truly only get about 3 full sessions at 20 minutes which equals a full session. Since that battery is very small because of the unit's size, 60 - 90 minute range is actually pretty good for something this size.

Charging is the biggest flaw for the Alfa Goboof. It takes roughly 3.5 - 4 full hours to fully, 100% charge the entire battery to get it ready for the next 60 - 90 minutes consecutively. With the unit charging with an A/C Wall adapter, 3 to 4 hours is actually very surprising.

A feature that makes up for the time of charging is called 'pass-through charging. Means you can have it on and running and vape while it's plugged in. So long charging time is now nothing you wouldn't be able to handle if you're using it indoors. If you plan on vaping on-the-go while using the Alfa, this is where the long charging catches up with you.

Another elaborate feature the Goboof can incorporate is the auto-shutoff feature that shuts off the unit to conserve battery and prevent overheating after about 10 minutes of the system not detecting a puff. If you don't pull at all when you turn it on and forget what you did, you won't have to worry about the unit staying on for the full 20 minutes cause in half that time, it'll automatically shut-off if it doesn't detect a pull.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Over a period of a couple months, the oven will clutter up with residue on the bottom where the screen is located and the vapor path will accumulate some residue. A big plus of the Alfa is you won't notice the residue buildup to much but, it is best to clean the parts after a couple months so you have optimal performance and no residue blocking your vapor path.


How To Clean The Alfa Goboof

Pull off the mouthpiece and open the oven door, then you stick a alcohol-moistened pipe cleaner down the vapor path until you reach the herbal chamber which will push out the screen. If popping out the screen becomes a challenge, you can use a paper clip which will do the trick. After cleaning out the vapor path, fold up the dampened pipe cleaner to scrub the inside of the oven. Iopropyl alcohol is best to use and the most effective at loosening up the residue. After you clean the screen 25 times, it'll be worn out to where you should replace it with a brand new one which comes with a few in the box you get upon ordering the Alfa GoBoof, but it is best to get a few extra if you plan to buy this unit.


Alfa GoBoof Warranty

Like all vaporizers we sell, you get a full 2 year manufacturers warranty from the time you buy the unit which will get repaired or replace if anything becomes defective within the 2 years. We understand you're spending $200 on a vaporizer, so your investment is fully protected on anything that becomes dysfunctional. The warranty does not cover broken accessories. If your unit arrives with broken accessory pieces, contact us immediately and we'll quickly send you brand new parts.

Overall if you are buying a portable vaporizer, the Alfa Goboof is going to be one of the top options. It is an award winning vaporizer built from the experts in Ireland who have a passion for building the smallest and most effective vaporizers in the world. This unit will give you a unique experience unlike other vaporizers since there's essentially a re-enforcement heating element to ensure the herbal chamber fully vapes all the herbs to extract the pure botanical evenly, smoothly with the highest level of density and potency. Instead of reading explanations and reviews about the Alfa Goboof, you might as well invest in your health to save damage on your respiratory system to really experience what it is like to own one of the best small portable vapes in the world.



  • 1x Alfa Goboof Vaporizer
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x User Manual

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