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Haze Dual Vaporizer 3.0

herb wax oil portable


  • LED temperature setting display
  • Stainless steel Heater Seal redesigned for a tighter more durable seal.
  • Updated Air Pathway for storing mouthpiece or use at any height level for discreet usage.
  • High temperature, glass reinforced inner housing surface.
  • Strong, Long-Lasting external Lithium Ion battery
  • Extremely lightweight and discreet
  • Temperature Regulator improvements up to 80% more resistant to environmental changes such as altitude, humidity, air pressure or outside temperature.
  • More secure battery door latch mechanism to prevent accidental opening on impact or dropping.
  • Metallic soft touch paint cover exterior that is both ISO and water resistant to keep your Haze Dual V3 looking fresh!
  • Redesigned mouthpiece. New top lip for easy removal of the mouthpiece. New lip prevents sticking or having mouthpiece get trapped inside air path chamber.
  • Concentrate can with an enhanced outer edge to trap liquids/concentrates. No more accidental leaking!
  • Uses advanced technology to heat on demand.
  • Can use materials and/or oil and wax interchangeably and simultaneously
  • Strong, Long-Lasting external Lithium Ion (3600mAH) battery
  • Patented heat-exchange mechanism, for cool vapor output
  • 10-year warranty
  • $245.95

Haze Dual Vaporizer 3.0

Haze vaporizer is an amazing portable vaporizer which comes with a dual materials chamber where the user can vaporize your materials and essential oils interchangeably as well as simultaneously. This vaporizer includes a stainless steel and glass mouthpiece to prevent any alterations of the taste of the vapor. The advanced patented heating technology gives the user speedy heat up time. The chamber is close to the amount the Pax or Arizer Solo vaporizer can hold. Comes with four pre-set temperature settings which are displayed on the front with LED indicators. Haze reaches temperatures in about 90 seconds. Each chamber is safely separated by a stainless steel protective wall that allows the chamber to heat up at various temperatures. You can vaporize each of your materials at the correct temperature to avoid combustion. Once you reach the desired temperature, the patented heat-exchange mechanism provides a cool vapor output. Hazes powers on a long-lasting rechargeable, an external lithium-ion battery that is very light. Haze's aromatherapy session has a longer vapor session than other portable vaporizers.

There are 4 temperature settings the haze features 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F the levels go as follows;

  • Level 1 - 365 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 2 - 380 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 3 - 390 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 4 - 415 Degrees Fahrenheit

There are many reasons why you need to get the Haze vaporizer. The first is the fact that it's small and discreet at only 3" tall, 3" length and 1" width. It is designed with high-grade material, an inner core with steel, you'll never taste any bad after tastes most vaporizers emit when you're using the unit. With two LI Ion batteries, you'll never be left without a charge. The Haze Vaporizer is the first vape that allows you to be able to vaporize at ease for over 6-8 hours without combustion to enjoy your aromatherapy sessions. The has is truly a vaporizer that keeps getting better and better as time moves on with already a version 2.5 since it was released on April 20th, 2014. The Haze is a very strong and durable steel vaporizer which it fits the profile of a premium liquor canister that produces vapor. You can vape without anyone second guessing what you're doing with class and pure quality using the stainless steel materials, it's hard for the Haze to break down as the manufacturer even offers a 10-year warranty that'll protect your investment. Using the Convection screens is best for your herbal materials and the conduction screens for your concentrates.

Haze Features

Haze is a great convection vaporizer, it comes with a convection screen and conduction screen. You have more options since it works both ways to personalize your experience. Both of the screens are made out of stainless steel. The conduction screen has been left with two sides open, allowing herbs to have controlled exposure to the heating source. No direct contact is ever made with the heating chamber and dry materials, the convection is surrounded by four stainless steel walls. The heating chamber and screen is pretty big, safe and is so advanced you can pre-package your materials into the reservoirs before you go out, you'll experience a couple sessions when filling both bowls up before you go out and show off the Haze to who ever has interest in premium vaping. The Haze will save you over 9 grams of materials per every ounce used which will pay itself back within the first month if you vape with premium grade materials. Portable vaping is the way to go and the Haze vaporizer is only getting more powerful as time moves on.

Cleaning The Haze

Haze should be cleaned every-time you are finished using it for optimal use. The Haze parts are completely removable making cleaning very simple for all types of beginner and experienced users. You can broil the residue on the heating chamber by letting the Haze run without anything inside it which will turn the residue into ash which you simply remove with the Haze Cleaning Tool. The Haze can be further cleaned by using a Q-tip with a little alcohol dabbed on top and is able to reach all the knocks and crannys that are exposed to the Haze vaporizer when vaping. Over some time, you will need to replace the Haze Conduction screens as well as the Haze Convection Screens. You will get around 2-3 months of use with the screens and every 4 months you should replace the Haze Oil reservoirs.

How To Use

Place herbs in bowl or screen and into the chamber. Switch on and select either bowl A or B. Locate the temperature selector at the top and choose from 4 temperature option to vape with your herbs. After several LED light blinks, the Haze is heating up. Once the LED light stays on, your Haze is ready to vaporize. You can store the mouthpiece inside the unit so you don't lose it.

Materials Haze Can Support

You can use any type of materials, it is an herbal vaporize. materials, oils, waxes, liquids to vaporize your essential oils and active ingredients. This is a very versatile vaporizer. If you're looking for a durable feeling, quick heating, high quality portable herbal vaporizer, it's the Haze Vaporizer you're going to want to buy. The Haze is becoming one of the most popular herbal vaporizers in the world and everyone must own one, try it out and see the amazing health benefits it creates. Saving lots of money and giving you potent hit, you couldn't go wrong with the Haze Vaporizer. Over 10,000 units sold, no returns as of yet. Why not own one of the best vapes on the planet. Using all materials, you can vaporize both herbs, oils, waxes, waxy oils and thick oils, the Haze can do it all!

Haze Popularity

The Haze Vaporizer is becoming the most popular portable vaporizer in the industry. It will be featured in the Oscar bags at the 2015 Emmy's. Over 25 Celebs will be receiving the Haze inside their Oscar bags. Haze Technologies invested over $80,000 in this venture and will have the publicity from 25 top celebs that get the HollyWulf bags and will enjoy the premium vape quality that haze will provide. This is our biggest seller here at Your Vaporizers and we are proud to sell the Haze vaporizer to our customers and ensure all Haze customers you will be given the best customer service to set the standards for Haze Technologies. We are an authorized seller for Haze and have given them high recognition with many of the most popular vaporizer websites in the world to recognize who the top Haze seller in the world is.


  • Compatible with materials, wax, and e-liquids.
  • Easy to recharge and remove the battery.
  • Glass and stainless steel mouthpieces
  • Can vaporize two different materials at the same time.
  • Quick startup
  • Temperature setting options
  • Storage compartment for the mouthpieces
  • Small, compact and durable with a unique and fun design.
  • All accessories included.


  • Does not have digital display


  • 1 x Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Conduction Screens
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Convection Screens
  • 2 x Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Material Tool
  • 2 x Oil/Wax Reservoir
  • 1 x Wall Charger / Power Bank
  • 1 x User Manual

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