New Vaporizer Technology is powering this industry with the newest and greatest vaping inventions as there's new portable, desktop and vape pens with many new advancements and technological features. The biggests things companies are improving on is the heating quality, precision and making sure convection vaporization for herbal vaporizers are doing the job of prouducing the most quality. New advancements in conduction vaporizers, convection vaporizers, smart vaporizers, blue-tooth vaporizers and dual vaporizers.

Convection Vaporizers - These are the best types of vaporizers for herbs, convection vaporizers are when hot air blows into the botanical extracting a gas called vapor. There's no heating elements involved as the herbs never touch any hot coils or hot surface. Convection heating is found for herbal vaporizers that give the most out of what you get when you're using herbs to vaporize with. This is the safest method of vaporization for your herbs.

Conduction Vaporizers - When you want to vaporize waxes, oils and concentrates it is the conduction heating technology that will provide you with the maximum quality output capabilities when using your conduction heating vaporizers. Conduction heating technology is when a botanical directly is placed on top of a heating coil that generates heat tlike a car cigarette lighter, it will vaporize your waxes, concentrates and oils perfectly fine without any combustion

Dual Vaporizers - This type of technology is when the vaporizer incorporates both conduction vaporization as well as convection. Dual vaporizers are starting to become a bigger trend, they're just very expensive to make and to buy. The advantage to dual vaporizers is by eliminating heating time it takes to reach optimal temperature. The Conuction heating producces the quifk and instant heating and the convection vaporization provides the heating quality to ensure all the botanical is evenly vaped without burning.

Smart Vaporizers - Smart vaporizers incorporate more advanced technology and are very expensive. You can label a vaporizer a smart vaporizer if it incoporates microprocessors to remember your previous heating setting as well as having blue-tooth technology which is becoming more popular as users can use their smart phone to have complete control of their vaporizer. A smart vaporizer gives the individual more seamless vaporization capabilities while providing precision and more advanced usage and metrics when controlling the overall vaporizer.