AirVape OM Vaporizer



  • Keychain for easy access on the go
  • 3 variable voltage levels 
  • Discreet Covers For Discreet Appearance
  • Quartz Crystal Dual Coil 
  • Powerful Vapor Production
  • Magnetized Mouthpiece 
  • Quick Chargeable Battery
  • Easy Cleaning
  • User Manual
  • $69.00

AirVape OM Vaporizer

AirVape OM Vaporizer by Apollois one of the newest and best vape pensin the world. There isn't any other vaporizer that will come close to the performance of the AirVape OM vaporizer since it is a really high-quality unit compatible with oil, andwax material providing the ultimate vaporization experience without any combustion. The AirVape OM is small in size, the perfect vape pen to fit in your pocket anywhere you go.


AirVape OM Vaporizer Design

AirVape OM Vaporizer has a durable steel frame with a mirror-like reflection. The base of the AirVape OM has an ergonomic oak finish providing a nice design to make this look as it is a premium vape pen. The AirVape OM Vaporizer comes withoil cartridges using 510 threading. The smooth glass mouthpiece makes for cool vaping to the touch of your lips while looking elegant. The vaporizer is very compact, small enough to fit on your key-chain as the dimensions are .5" W (Width), 4.5" L (Length).


AirVape OM Vaporizer Atomizer

The AirVape OM Vaporizer has a reallypowerful magnetized atomizer, made for easy loading anywhere on the go. The coils inside are dual-quartz crystal atomizer that produces powerful vapor production. The Atomizer is made to easily be replaced, cleaned, and easy loading. TheAirVape OM Vape pen comes with two different coversthat go over theoil cartridges to provide stealth and discreet use.


AirVape OM Vaporizer Performance

AirVape OM is a vaporizer very similar to the Linx Hypnos vape pen but has many different features that make the AirVape OM Vape pen a superior vaporizer. With its 350mAH chargeable battery, it gives powerful heating especially since it includes 3 changeable voltage settings with 3 clicks;Red Light is 4.0v,Blue Light is 3.2v,white is 2.4v. With this adjustment, users have the ability to amass mega rips when vaping out with the AirVape OM Vaporizer.


How To Use The AirVape OM Vaporizer

After you load your botanical on top of the quartz atomizer, click the power button at the top of the vape pen 5 times quickly. You can toggle through the voltage by pressing 3 times on the power button as each level will change a different color. After you have the correct voltage set, press and hold the power button, the AirVape OM Vape Pen will instantly heat up producing high-quality, flavorful vapor.


AirVape OM Vaporizer For Sale

AirVape OM vaporizer is created for power, performance, discreet use while being easy to use. There are 3 different variable voltage settings you can adjust with a few clicks. AirVape OM comes with a high-quality quartz crystal atomizer that is magnetized to make it easy to clean as it is compatible to vaporize with wax and oils. The AirVape OM is one of the most popular vape pensin the world and has just been released for anyone to buy the AirVape OM Vape pen for sale online through an authorized Apollo Retailer, you are sure to get the full, lifetime coverage warranty when you buy the AirVape OM Vaporizer For Sale today.



  • 1 x AirVape OM Vaporizer
  • 1 x Atomizer Cover
  • 1 x Medium Cartridge Cover
  • 1 x Large Cartridge Cover
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x 510-Threaded USB Charger
  • 1 x Dab Tool