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Innokin Technology

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Innokin Technology

Innokin Technology is a company based in China that has some of the best quality vaporizer being built. Unlike many Chinese companies that build very low-quality and cheap products, Innokin is opposite of cheap. Innokin develops their technology with some of the highest-quality materials being built. Their products are always made out of Stainless steel technology and have the greatest pride and honor in building their vaporizers.

Many Americans look down upon the Chinese since companies in China are known to develop and create the lowest quality items selling at the lowest possible prices. This is the first company from China We've added for name brand vaporizers but the company Innokin has proved itself by creating the best working vaporizer mods and batteries in the world and they're listed on Your Vaporizers for a reason, they create the best!!

The Most Impressive product ever built by Innokin Technologies is the MVP battery which is a variable voltage and watt battery that uses an LCD digital screen to not only show the volts/watts delivered, but also show a hit counter and Ohms output. This is very impressive technology to use and Innokin Definitely deserves a listing on our website.