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Puffco Plus Vaporizer



  • Hands Free 'Sesh Mode' Vaporization
  • Ceramic Coil-Less Atomizer 
  • Dual Ceramic Rod Bottom Wrapped w/Titanium 
  • Deep Dish Wax-Concentrate Loading (.3g of Wax-Concentrate)
  • Convection Heating Technology
  • Ceramic Gloss UV Protectant Enamel Exterior 
  • 35 - 55 Pulls On One Single Load 
  • Isolated Air-Pathway 
  • Advanced 3 (375°F - 445°F) Temperature Color LED Lighting System
  • Made To Vaporize Different Wax Viscosities 
  • Made In Brooklyn, New York
  • No Combustion, No Charred Taste & Pure-Potent Flavor
  • 2016 High Times Winner 100/100 Rating 
  • Rated Best Wax Pen Vaporizer In The World
  • $98.95

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus wax vape pen is one of the best quality vaporizers in the world for both wax Botanical as well as herbal material Blends the Puffco plus is the best and most suitable vaporizer pen for any substance available especially for the fact that it uses coil-less atomizer switch will help absorb all your botanical without leaving any traces of residue left. With a smooth and Sleek design, the enamel enhancement is built to not leave any scratches behind for long-term use to overall satisfy the user with the small design that will fit inside any pocket to use on the go.

Quick Guide

Puffco Plus Design

Designed in Brooklyn NY, the patent-pending Puffco Pro coil-less vape pen was Built in the summer of 2016. the Puffco Plus is the newest generation model. Similarly to the Puffco Pro, the Puffco Plus has a more advanced capability to perform its duties compared to its predecessors. Smooth, sleek style that has better technology, and carries the same sleek-trim, ultra-thin dimensions and 'pen flashlight', something its predecessor does not have. High quality, valuable coil-less atomizers that do the job without any combustion. The Puffco Plus greatest asset is the ceramic "cup" atomizer. Powerful dabbing sessions created the perfect toker vaping experience. The first vape pen of its kind to have a 'dart' under the mouthpiece. this creates the perfect draw resistance no other vaporizer can feature.

Puffco Plus Internal Design Structure

This gives you ease of mind to the fact that isolation vapor path eliminates any heat near the electronic components. All ceramic lining on the inside of the vaping path as well as the ceramic coil-less atomizer makes for no combustion and the carcinogen-free, high potency Vapor quality.

Puffco Plus Performance

A big innovation the Puffco Plus has is the fact the new dart mouthpiece does not create any clogging whatsoever with the best type of draw resistance to give you the most consistent vaporization experience with the purification of flavor and taste. Fixing the clogging issue the Puffco Pro had the PuffcoPlus now has the perfect solution for the best vaping experience with its new dart mouthpiece. Making the Puffco Plus the best pen vaporizer to own.

Puffco Plus Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer

The Puffco Plus Atomizer is made with a ceramic-lined chamber that holds .3g of substances as the atomizer chamber is ceramic rod wick wrapped with a titanium coil. There are absolutely no plastic parts used. The atomizer is isolated air-pathway preventing strong heat from obstructing any electrical components of the heating element integrating within the core of the atomizer. Having the titanium coil wrapped around Japanese cotton create the purest vaping sessions without leaving behind any botanical.

Puffco Pro Atomizer Benefits

  • Coil-less Atomizer System
  • Isolated Vapor Path
  • Convection Heating Setup
  • Large .3g capability of concentrates
  • ceramic-lined chamber
  • Patented Deep Vapor cup

The Puffco Plus atomizer holds over .3g of concentrates while giving you 30 - 55 puffs per load. The deep vapor cup chamber allows you to be able to work with abnormal amounts of concentrate as well as your herbs.

Puffco Plus Convection Heating

The Puffco Plus wax vape pen uses a convection heating system. That has Four holes midpoint of the chamber allowing advanced airflow pass through to create the convection flow that heats the wax where'as the 'dart' setup from the mouthpiece makes part of the convection heating process even and complete as heat is passed through to the atomizer for the vaping session to completely vaporize the entire chamber without leaving any hot spots.

Puffco Plus Temperature Control Options

The Puffco Plus uses 3 temperature settings for you to get the best vaping quality depending on what material you use. The heating settings can be switched to your preferred setting that goes in correlation to your material.

3 Different Temperature Settings Meant For Different Viscosity Density Using Your Concentrates:

  • Green = Low
  • Blue = Medium
  • Red = High

Puffco Plus Battery

The Puffco Plus uses an advanced and powerful battery to be able to reach the 3 precise and specific advanced temperature settings as the Puffco Battery uses an advanced-heavy lithium-ion battery which powers up the amount of heat drawn through the isolated vapor path from where you loaded a specific type of viscosity from your collection of concentrates that are used and loaded onto the coilless atomizer. The Charging process for the Puffco Battery takes around 3 hours which will fully charge the Puffco Plus's battery for you to be able to easily use this vaporizer pen throughout the day for long periods of time. The Puffco Pro uses an Ultra-Fast USB charging device which connects at the bottom of the battery.

Powering On The Puffco Plus Battery

Where the Cloud Icon design located near the bottom of the battery which to turn on, push seamlessly five times and a color- LED light will brightly display into the cloud to indicate the temperature setting while cycling through the temp settings. Clicking on the Cloud icon four times again will toggle the temperature setting mode. there are three temperature settings, each level is indicated with its own color which is marked by blue, green and red LED lights. Pushing the cloud button down will move the temperature settings to LOW (Blue), Medium (GREEN), High (RED).

Managing The Puffco Pro Temperature Settings

Once the temperature is selected based on the color of the LED light, you put the Puffco Plus in an upward position and take light pulls.

Puffco Pro 'Sesh Mode'

Double tapping the power button turns the 12-second heating session which is referred by Puffco as the 'sesh mode'. Using 'sesh mode' allows the consumer to have a long drag, pull or dabbing duration for the session. After 8 seconds, the Puffco Pro will shut down to prevent battery consumption. Seamlessly tap the cloud button 5 times to re-activate the heating system to re-start and restore the previous vaping session you had prior to activating 'sesh mode'.

Buying The Puffco Plus Vaporizer For Sale

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer for sale is a 'Made in The USA' product. this is the number one vaporizer pen for sale that uses a coilless atomizer, perfect for heating a wax or herbal aromatherapy blends without any type of combustion. The enamel gloss makes for the perfect feel as it serves as a protective coating as an anti-scratch layer to ensure there won't be any wear and tear over the years of use. This is a high quality design built to fit inside any pocket for you to use on the go anywhere. When you need to use a high-quality wax dabbing vaporizer. The Puffco is a vaporizer pen that uses an advanced atomizer built out of ceramic-lined materials with a ceramic rod coil laced with high-grade titanium coil. The coilless atomizer is made to fully vaporize all the wax substance where the Puffco Plus vaporizer will never combust or leave any charred materials.


  • x1 Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
  • x4 cleaning swabs,
  • x1 replacement chamber with cap,
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x1 instruction booklet

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