G Pen Elite Vaporizer

herb portable


  • Rapid Heating
  • Sleek & Compact
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 75 Gram Capacity
  • LED Interface Display
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Precise Temperature Adjustment (200° - 428°F)
  • $148.95

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Grenco Science always comes out with some of the best vaporization units known to man. They are a company that specializes in creating high-quality portable vaporizers as well as pen vaporizer. The G-Pen Elite is a top-shelf best vaporizer in the world out of any of the vapes they've made. It is the latest generation portable vaporizer with adjustable temperature settings ranging from 200F-428F, it uses a futuristic LCD screen to where you can precisely set the exact temperature you need to get the results you desire. The G Pen Elite vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is only 5 inches long a comfortable length to be discreet without worrying about the bulge in your pocket as the size won't interrupt other activities you're doing while traveling with the Elite. The vaporizer is made out of heat safe plastic with ceramic lining inside the vaporize to deliver the best results without any taste alterations.


G Pen Elite Temperature

The G Pen Elite vaporizer is a high-quality unit that has a temperature range of200F-428Fand uses an advanced LCD screen to where you can precisely adjust the heating going into the chamber. The G Pen Elite uses a ceramic chamber that uses an all glass-on-glass vaping path so you will taste nothing but the pure botanical of your vaporizer. The Elite will hit temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 20 seconds. The G Pen Elite is one of the topvape pensto use, it is an amazing vaporizer that will perform better than any of the other vaporizers since this is the ultimate version Grenco Science has developed and the latest advancement.


G Pen Elite Performance

The G Pen Elite has a very nice herbal chamber that's deep and surrounded with ceramic glass which is structured in stainless steel reinforcing the entire vaporizer making it a durable unit. Make sure your battery is fully charged and load your dried herbs inside the herbal chamber. Loading around .8 grams of materials will fully pack it in. Put the mouthpiece on and power up the vaporizer by pressing the power button 5 times really quick which is going to unlock the vaporizer. It will reach optimal temperatures in less than 30 seconds and the LED light will display the current temperature setting it is only but most people seem to use 380 degrees Fahrenheit as the best heating temperature. The G Pen Elite is the best type of convection portable pen vaporizer to use. You will be able to enjoy really rich, flavorful and highly potent vaping sessions when you use the G Pen Vaporizer.



Owning the G Pen Elite vaporizer is the best and latest innovation made by Grenco Science. Built with durability in mind as well as vaporization performance, the G Pen Elite is a vaporizer always looking to outperform the competition. The G Pen Elite design structure is stainless steel lined with ceramic glass for the herbal chamber. It is built with ceramic glass for you to ensure you get the full-on glass-on-glass vaping path to be able to enjoy every second of your vaporization session and get the best performance of the lifetime using the G Pen Elite vaporizer. This is a high-quality unit that won't ever let you down and it will never combust your materials while you're vaping. You get the best and most potent vapor quality period. When you load the G Pen Elite vaporizer, expect to get around 15 pulls before replacing the herbs with fresh materials. The G Pen Elite comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty to protect your investment.



  • 1 x G Pen Elite
  • 1 x G Card
  • 1 x G Pen Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x G Cleaning Brush

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