BO One Vaporizer

oil portable


  • Auto-Draw Battery
  • Magnet Charger
  • Sleek and Stealthy
  • LED Light
  • USB Charging
  • $42.99

The BO One Vaporizer

The Bo One Vaporizer features an innovative design and is an auto-draw small and highly portable vaporizer. Weighing at only 22 grams and roughly four inches in height, the Bo One Vaporizer is undoubtedly one of the most lightweight and compact portable e-juice vaporizer. The Bo One, despite its small size, is equipped with a powerful 380mAh battery and can effectively provide long-lasting power to this miniscule vaporizer.

This advanced e-cig also features a USB charging dock, a sophisticatedly designed body and a threadless connection for immediate loading of its distinctive e-juice cartridges. BO One Vaporizers’ pre filled pods come in surprisingly 21 flavors, 3 different nicotine levels to suit your needs, and does not carry harmful elements like acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or ambrox.The Bo One Vaporizer lets you vape like a boss, truly a modern day gentleman’s vaporizer, the Bo One Vaporizer features sleek minimalist design that’s extremely stealthy and stylish. The Bo One Vaporizer is outfitted with a built-in LED that lights up to tell you your current battery level while you’re vaping. The LED lights change colors depending on the status of the battery, blue tells you when it’s full, white when you’re halfway through, and red when you’re almost up and would require a charge.

The Bo One Vaping not only manages to impress in design, it also functions extremely well for a vaporizer its size.

Powerful 380mAh Battery

The 380mAh batteries are more than enough for the miniature Bo One Vaporizer. For frequent users, one single charge would last 9 - 10 hours of use with a quick recharge of about 15 minutes should you need to go out during the evening, less frequent users could expect more from the Bo One batteries. This means longer sessions and prolonged e-juice vaping.  

The Bo One battery also features auto-draw function which means there are virtually no buttons on this portable vaporizer. You simply draw like you normally would but without pressing any buttons, the battery intelligently recognizes your actions and automatically generates vapor when you inhale. This makes the Bo One Vaporizer an ideal choice for on-the-go vaping since there’s no need for prep time, there’s no need to fiddle with controls or set up your unit in order to vape.

Pre-filled Pods

Arguably one of the most convenient means of vaping liquid e-juice, pre-filled pods require less preparation and less assembly compared to the consumption of any other material. Unlike wax which requires the precise measurement and meticulous ways of transferring dabs or even dry herb strains that needs to be ground into fine pieces in order to achieve optimum results, pre-filled liquid e-juice cartridges are more of a plug and play system.

Using the Bo One pre-filled pods simply requires you to plug in your preferred liquid e-juice and draw from the unit, this allows effortless and seamless vaping all thanks to its smart and intuitive design. The Bo One is elegant and sophisticated and is designed with convenience tactful and prudent vaping in mind. This portable vaporizer is perfect for the stylish and the refined gentleman, though you’d look good vaping with the Bo One whether you’re sporting a shirts and jeans or even when you’re rocking a suit.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x BO One Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock

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