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Ever wanted a portable vaporizer compatible with your smart phone? It is possible now, many people are starting to research and look into vaporizers that are capable of being powered by their cell phone apps and the crafty vaporizer is one of those quality vapes that everyone wants to own but the price makes it very difficult for users to own the unit. Storz & Bickel keeps creating the best and has the brightest staff that keeps manufacturing and creating these German-crafted monsters. The Crafty Vaporizer is one of the highest rated portable vaporizers already and has become the best working blue-tooth technology unit in the world. No other company has come close to being able to match how well the Crafty works and there’s plenty of reason why, there’s just to much quality to match that no one has the brain, skills and money to create.


Crafty Amazing Features

The Crafty vaporizer comes with many different amazing features as you can download the Crafty app on any cellular device and even your computer. You can load over .5 grams of herbs inside the chamber and the stainless steel screens are where you put your herbs on top of as it comes with 3 different replacements. You can even use the Crafty with your oils as you get a liquid pad that’s included. The Crafty uses Convection vaporization which the hot air blows against the botanical to have it to where the flow of air mimics laminar technology seen with the Minivap. The Herb mill it comes with allows you to finely grind your herbal materials that you load in the herbal chamber. Using a USB power adapter, you can charge the Crafty with any USB outlet. Expect the Crafty to get over 4 hours of continuous use as it uses lithium Ion batteries.


Crafty App

Power your Crafty with the remote control app. Using Bluetooth technology, you can change the temperatures with your vaporizer and it even has a power booster that enhances the power of the temperature it produces to an even 372 degree F.


Using The Crafty

You press the button key that inputs it to power on and it will heat up to its lowest temperature at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The Double tap button is readily available you can push which will surge extra power for the Crafty that will enable a strong 383 degrees of temperature to your materials. You can signal the Crafty to power on an LED light display which is a pretty cool feature. Once you fill your Crafty with the herbs you put the latch back on top and begin vaporization. The Convection heating will allow you to inhale very pure vapor as you won’t ever see any type of combustion when you vape with this beast.


Cleaning The Crafty

When you want to clean the Crafty, it’s very simple, just turn on the Crafty and let it prime as the residue will turn into ashes and all you do is take the brush and brush out the residue.

Crafty Vaporizer Review


Using the Crafty is very simple, in my opinion the vapor it produces is extremely high quality which I haven’t seen in a portable in a long time. All of the materials in the Crafty are very strong and vape safe so you’ll never inhale any toxic chemicals from the strong temperatures the Crafty can reach.


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