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The BHOLT Pen Vaporizer is a brand new type of high quality pen vaporizer. Many people love the BHOLT because of its unique design and advanced technology used in such a small pen. You can vaporize your favorite wax and oil concentrates. BHOLT is very unique with glass-on-glass connection being the first pen vaporizer to utilize this technique. People that love the glass can vaporize with the 14mm ground glass connection, conveniently making the BHOLT compatible with and type of 14mm filtration adapter.

BHOLT Vaporizer Review


Being a very small pen vaporizer the BHOLT is only 6 inches long and very durable portable vaporizer. Traveling with this vaporizer makes it an easy chore. You just load your oils onto the atomizer, hold down a button and you’re ready to start vaping. This unit might not be the most discreet but it is worth the sacrifice for such great performance. It is a very fancy pen vaporizer and a perfect E-Cig to replace you smoking tobacco to vaporizing. BHOLT is very visualizing stimulant to your eyes since you can see the vaporization process work through the Glass-on-glass, making it a nice experience to watch.

The BHOLT is a revolutionary type of pen vaporizer having the most unique design and style for all vapor fanatics out there to buy such a nice vaporizer. It has a high price tag but the way it functions make it well worth it for anyone trying to use their favorite oils and waxes. This oil pen-style functions just like the 710pen, white Rhino & other products that ATMOS makes. BHOLT has such a hardcore design made perfect for people who don’t give a damn.

The money spent is well worth the investment, the BHOLT will last a long time and is very durable as long as you clean it out every-time you use it. It is easily the best oil pen vaporizer in the world in terms of performance. If you want a great design and clean vaporizer that filters all the nasty carcinogens, the BHOLT is the perfect vaporizer.


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