Pen Vaporizers Are Changing The Tobacco Industry

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Pen Vaporizers Are Changing The Tobacco Industry

Many people are buying into the hype of pen vaporizers. They’re kind of like electronic cigarettes but more discreet and have a lot more different features a electronic cigarette does not. Pen vaporizers give the user many different benefits. Aside from you saving over $6,000 a month, you’ll be filtering out 95% of all carcinogen toxins that you inhale when you use a pen vaporizer. There are many different types of cheap pen vaporizers you could buy. Like the ATMOS bullet which isn’t a vaporizer you’d want to buy. It is very cheap and runs out very quick.

Searching for a new vaporizer can be a challenge if you have no idea what you’re looking for. If you want to use a pen vaporizer for your nicotine products or herbal products. It is a very good idea if you use the pen vaporizers instead of smoking cigarettes or joints. It is more affordable to invest in a very nice pen vaporizer then to spend your money in the long run on stuff that’ll burn after long use. Buying a vaporizer online has never been easier for you.

What kind of vaporizer do you want? There are many different types of pen vaporizers for sale. Some are mini vaporizers and other are normal pen sizes. The forced air ones push vapor out while the direct draw ones you have to pull. Forced air heating is powered with convection heating where the air pushes against the heating source and hot air vaporizers the active ingredient, where direct draw pen vaporizers utilize conduction heating which is where the substance is in direct contact or right above the heating source.

So lets break this stuff down, what would be the best pen vaporizer for you? It all depends what type of pen vaporizer you want. All of the details are different to each and every type and what the vaporizer is suppose to do. Lets say you’re interested in an herbal vaporizer, lets give you some cheap herbal pen vaporizers first.



Dube Pen Vaporizer

Let's look at the Dube Pen vaporizer by White Rhino.

  • It can hold well over a half a gram of materials.
  • The battery life last a little over an hour.
  • To start the Dube up you have to prime the pen before hitting, load your materials in and begin vaporization.
  • This vaporizer is compatible with herbal blends as well as oils and waxes.
  • You should note to self that after you use the Dube if it is oils or waxes, to clean the unit of any residues.

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