Buying Vapor Pen

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Buying Vapor Pen

Everyone is going through the good times of figuring out what type of vapor pen they want to buy. You must figure out exactly what you’re going to use the vaporizer prior to buying the vape itself. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good working unit and always want to make sure the element is surrounded by ceramic glass or stainless steel which is going to be the best quality for herbal vapor pens. For wax and concentrates, you’ll want to make sure you buy a titanium coil vaporizer such as the Dr. Dabber to have the best heat conduction and the strongest duration of vaping quality.

When you’re looking into buying a vaporizer, you know you’re making a good decision as vaporizers are a really popular choice and something everyone should experience to see the full satisfaction in every single inhalation you go through of purified, carcinogen free vapor. You can vaporizer waxes, herbs and concentrates. Vape pens sort of look like electronic cigarettes but are a little better and more advanced to being able to vaporize multiple types of materials as many vapor pens come with different attachments.

When using a vaporizer, you should note the many different benefits you get when you own one. First, think about what you’re buying for, are you trying to stop tobacco smoking? Or, are you trying to find a more potent way to blaze up? Either or, you’re risking your health when you smoke and you’re doing lots of respiratory damage to your body when you smoke one. The sleek and portable designs of vapor pens make it very simple for a user to walk around and carry the pen vaporizer in their pocket. Some pen vaporizers may be convection ones and force hot air, these are very rare and most are conduction vapes as the botanical s come in direct contact with the heating source.

Buying Vapor Pen

When you’re getting into vaporizers more into it, you’ll start to pay attention to the quality of the vaporizer. There are many different types of ceramic heating elements or atomizers which are; pancake ceramic, coil w/wick ceramic, coil wrapped ceramic rod, steel sleeve coil with wick, steel sleeve pancake, screen cover coil with wick, screen cover pancake coil and the gold color atomizers are amongst the highest quality atomizers. You can’t forget the titanium atomizers that vaporizers such as the


Types of Quality Vapor Pens To Buy

 Buying Vapor Pen

Your budget should range between $100 – $200 and you might want to get the Delta 9 Persei Vaporizer as it’ll come with a KISS cartridge, two strong batteries, a double top and single top with 2.5 and 5.0 cartridges. You can also get an attachment for the Persei which is called the Hercules SR-174 and it can be attached to the bender so you will have full access to be able to filter out all the herbal botanical carcinogens. People that dab usually take the medicine to get more potent hits. When you’re dabbing, you’ll only need to hit the vaporizer about 3 or 4 times depending on the vapor quality.

If you’re trying to spend under $80, you might want to look for the Atmos RX. This vaporizer is mainly for herbal products but it does come with a oil tank if you’re shopping at Your Vaporizers. The glass screens make it impossible for you to combust your herbs and you’ll be vaping on the go with some good battery power. This vapor pen use to run for $189 when it first came out but over time the price has significantly dropped and many people are selling it for $80 which is a really good deal for a pretty decent quality unit.

 Buying Vapor Pen

710 Pen Ark Vaporizer is a good looking vapor pen that mimics and looks just like a pen vaporizer. It even has an LCD display that allows you to know exactly the temperature you’re vaping at and can give you a lot more effective vapor quality. With a full battery you should get a little over 300 pulls from it and it should last you a little over 3 days on a full charge. This pen vaporizer is only good for oils and waxes and can’t be used with herbal supplements.

 Buying Vapor Pen

Trippy Stix Vaporizers are world renowned for the types of dabbing pen vaporizers that people just love to use cause of all the quality of vapor it’ll provide. It has a small coil which is kind of small and cheap , the maintenance might get annoying, you just have to soak it in warm water and the residue will break off the coil. The good thing about the Trippy Stix is the warm up time is very fast, 5 seconds. It is pretty easy to use since you just load the waxes on the dabbing tool and begin dabbing. The automatic shut off can be a big plus and lets not forget the huge amount of vapor.


Batteries for Vapor Pens

When you buy a pen vaporizer, you’re going to need to buy a good battery. Something very strong is what you would need to have usually a good battery to go with is the EGO-C Twist or EGO-C which is a good upgrade to a battery you really need. The lower the voltage the lower the temperature. You’re going to want to buy something with very high voltage so you can get the biggest vapor pen battery in the . 1000MAH is a good amount of power and is the standard amount you need to last you a long time especially at the amount of voltage the

 Buying Vapor Pen

Vapor Pen Threading

When you buy a vapor pen, you need to consider the threading involved in the battery. Most batteries are 510 threaded which means you can screw the atomizer on a 510 size. Some companies will use 601 threading and will confuse many people when they’re buying a new vaporizer. You want to make sure you buy the right size if you’re going the custom route and buying different mods for your pen vaporizer. Make sure you don’t go over board and buy to many things for your vaporizer when you first start out. You just want to be as simple as possible.


Buy Full Vapor Pen Kit

The most popular way to buy a vaporizer is to buy a whole kit. There are many name brand fully functional models out there where it won’t even be a problem to ship since they’re already pre-built with their own design just like the G-Pen, Atmos or TrippyStix pens. You’re going to be paying a lot more when you seek out and purchase one of these name brand units. So for beginners, it might be harder to choose the exact type of vaporizer you might want but it will be a lot cheaper to buy a new vapor pen for sale.

If you’re buying any type of vaporizer, I’d stay far away from Atmos products, G-Pen and TrippyStix as these companies outsource their craftsmanship to China which is a country known for very low quality vaporizers.



You finally have come to a conclusion on what you actually want to buy right? You need to get a vaporizer so it will help you with your smoking habit or medicinal purposes and you might of finally decided what you want to go with. If you’re going with a dabbing pen vapor, I’d choose the Dr. Dabber Ghost or the Delta 9 Persei. If you’re looking for a good herbal vaporizer, you should go with a Trifecta, T-Vape V2 or an Atmos Orbit. You should expect to pay upwards of $160 for one of these vaporizers and that isn’t actually a bad deal.

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