Top 3 Convection Vaporizers For Sale In 2018

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Vaping has been around for almost over a decade and is now steadily gaining even more popularity as many people begin to switch from conventional smoking to this healthier alternative. It’s true that vaping poses far less harmful risks compared to smoking. After all, the idea behind vaporization is to completely eliminate combustion which releases thousands of chemical substances in the smoke as your dried vegetable matter is burned. Studies show that cigarette smoke contains over “4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins.” Now you don’t want to be inhaling all those substances right? Furthermore, it is said that these cigarette ingredients include “nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.” That’s why most cigarette packaging nowadays are slapped with pictures that warn you of the consequences of prolonged exposure to these substances. The steady growth of the vaping industry leaves a wide array of options for smokers to completely eschew their unhealthy habit and switch to a more reasonable choice.

The innovation in vaping has allowed many manufacturers to feature and apply cutting-edge technology to their products, such as different heating styles like conduction and convection heating. Both have their own advantages though most vape enthusiasts, especially those who consumer dry herbs, choose the latter over the former.

Convection Heating

Convection heating involves the use of liquid or gas to conduct or move heat. In vaping, hot air is used to heat the materials while physical contact between the material and the heating element is removed. This allows your materials, especially for dry herbs, to vaporize better than conduction heating since hot air can move around your loose-leaf materials without restriction or interference. As air saturates the entirety of the material chamber your dried materials get uniform and even heating where every potion of you botanical vegetable matter is heated simultaneously. It heats up your buds without getting to the point of combustion.

Apart from the said advantages, convection heating also includes a bunch of several benefits like better temperature control. Most convection style vaporizers allow you to make subtle changes on the level of heat depending on your taste. Temperature control also lets you create better conditions for materials to release its cannabinoids. It also creates thicker clouds while maintaining the distinct flavor notes of your select dry herb strains. Since air freely circulates the material chamber from the heating element, convection style vaporizers provide the ideal environment for the terpenes from your botanicals.

Now that vaping has reached mainstream status, we begin to see new vaping devices almost on a daily basis. While this could be exciting, it may also be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for your first conduction vaporizer or if you’ve been planning on expanding your vaping arsenal, this top three list will help simplify your search.

Extreme Q Vaporizer Kit Convection For Sale

Arizer Extreme Q

In the category of desktop vaporizers, the Arizer Extreme Q comes as the most reasonably priced convection vaporizer in the market today. Many users report that the convection style heating of the Arizer Extreme Q cooks herbs evenly to a golden brown and the occasional stirring of your loose-leaf material after every few puffs are not at all entirely necessary.

It’s a dual-function desktop vaporizer which means it can deliver vapors via a balloon bag or through a whip attachment. It also offers precise temperature controls that can be adjusted accordingly in increments of 1 degree Celsius.

What makes it the best amongst its desktop brethren is its excellent price to performance ratio. The Arizer Extreme Q functions as well as other desktop vaporizers twice its price. It boasts the same features, if not more or better, than its expensive counterparts. In terms of build quality, the Arizer Extreme Q is at par with some of the biggest names in the vaporizer industry.

Here are some of its other features:

  • Clear View LCD Screen
  • Midnight Chrome Finish
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • New Quieter Fan Function
  • Multiple Fan Speed Settings
  • Remote Control for Convenient Use
  • Dual Functionality - Balloon Bag or Whip Attachment
  • Precise Temperature Control with Triple Heat Sensors

Tera Convection Vaporizer Boundless

Boundless Tera

The Boundless Tera vaporizer is basically a convection style desktop vaporizer in your pocket. It’s an advanced portable vaporizer that delivers the same vapor quality as most desktop units. Apart from that, the Boundless Tera features what most portable vaporizers do not have, removable batteries. It allows you to replace the batteries with a batch of newly charged ones so you can continue to enjoy its top-notch vapors without compromising its performance. It’s the common pitfall of most portable devices since you’re relying on a battery to power up your device, you’re bound to lose power and will soon be due for a much-needed recharge.

With the Tera, you just have to carry extra batteries with you and experience consistent vapors on-the-go. It also features pass-through charging which lets you wield unlimited vaping power through a stable outlet. It’s truly one of the best portable convection style vaporizers in today’s industry. Here are some of its features.

  • USB Charging
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Compact Design
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • Removable 18650 Batteries
  • Dual Herb/Wax Compatibility
  • Precision Temperature (140-446F)

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Dry Herb Green

Atmos Jump

Atmos has been a staple name in the pen-style vaping industry and is the first company to ever secure a patent for a portable pen vaporizer which makes them an authority in this category. A rarity in the pen-style vaporizer scene, the Atmos Jump vaporizer is one of the few portable units that feature convection style heating in pen form.

The Atmos Jump uses some of the most high-end materials like carbon fiber casings, anodized heating chambers, and an optimized heat setting. By using convection style heating technology the Atmos Jump can vaporize herbs without the burnt, bad taste. Though it can only accommodate and load smaller batches of material due to its size, the quality of the vapors remains pure and true. Here are some other features which set the Atmos Jump apart from the competition.

  • Carbon Fiber Casing
  • Even and Efficient Heat
  • 1200 mAh Battery
  • Single Optimized Heat Setting
  • Anodized Heating Chamber
  • Easy Access Mouthpiece
  • Durable and Compact Design

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