Buying Good Quality Vaporizers

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Buying Good Quality Vaporizers

It may seem overwhelming when looking for a vaporizer, but once you understand the parts that make them work, and how they fit together it really makes the whole experience of buying one fun and entertaining. In this article we will go over what to look for in a vaporizer, as well as which type would be the most compatible for your lifestyle, and which brands and models are the best deal for your coin. The first rule to remember when purchasing a vaporizer is ‘BEWARE OF IMITATORS’!

There are so many places online that you could buy a quality vape unit that will serve you faithfully until the end of days. On the flip side of that coin there are just as many sites that sell vaporizers that are not real. As in counterfeited vaping products that are made illegally , usually by people in repressive conditions and sometimes even against their will. These fake vaporizing products are made with no oversight or regulation what so ever and have no product warranty or customer service department. If your product breaks or even comes to you with manufacturing defects and does not work, you pretty much have a really expensive, albeit cool, paper weight.

A good, high quality vaporizer will not be cheap, so start saving up some coinage in a ‘vape fund’ if you want a tool worth owning. And yes, you noticed I said tool because that’s exactly what a good vaporizer is, it’s a tool you use to extract the very best part of the herb without combustible flame burning the plant matter which causes carcinogens to be released and then inhaled. The whole point of using a vaporizer to consume cannabis (among many others) is to smoke without actual smoke, because the vapor mimics real smoke in every way imaginable, except it contains no harmful substances, and is much more potent.

The best vaporizers in the industry are true works of art, but that art comes with a serious price tag attached as serious desk top units such as the Herbalizer can cost over $700! Don’t trip though, there are other amazing vapes available on the market that won’t hurt your bank account so bad, such as the Atmos Boss or the Puffit 2, both amazing units that do their jobs better than you could even ask smoothly and quickly, with great battery life and high quality components that are assembled here in the United States of America. I am personally using an Atmos Rx in the limited edition herb green that comes with an extra herb chamber. I personally love it, and am dying for an Atmos Boss for Christmas, and I want that in limited edition black, because everyone else has them but only in titanium.

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