Amazing Facts About Vaporizers

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Amazing Facts About Vaporizers

There are so many different pros the vapor pens have now that they’re the method and best alternative to people stop smoking. Going on from here, it’s smart if you want to lower the levels of you becoming addicted, it is smart if you can just pay attention and listen to what all of the good things people say about vaporizers. They are the future, a revolution that mankind has finally discovered to help replace the smokers dreadful tobacco addiction. The carcinogens in cigarettes are the very own poisons that are putting you at risk when you inhale cigarette smoke.

Here we are about to explain many facts and many different lies what brings for us the perfect examples of why vaporizers are at the level they’re doing right now.

When you inhale a cigarette or marijuana smoke, you are doing a lot more respiratory damage than you genitally think. Marijuana smoke contains 50% more benzopyrene and 75% more benzanthracene which are both carcinogens, than a comparable, unfiltered tobacco some. When you hold the smoke in longer, you are at greater risk of respiratory damage.


10 Good Facts About Vaporizers Online

1. Vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens

It’s true, when you vaporize, you’re filtering out most of the carcinogens that you inhale when you combust your materials. There are over 450 different chemicals in medical marijuana and the main ingredient you actually don’t inhale would be the THC, the main-active ingredient you want to extract into vaporization as it’ll medicate you!

2. Vaporizers enhance the users experience with 85% potency increase

You are using a lot less materials which means the concentration of the active ingredient activates at a pure level than what you’re use to when your old method of burning was being used. You’ll notice you get clean, potent hits when you use a vaporizer.

3. You save 8.5 grams of materials per ounce using a vaporizer

That’s 127$ if you’re paying $15 a gram. Yes, you’ll save tons of money when you move to a vaporizer. It’s true, we’ve done many different tests on this and came with an overall average of 8.5 grams of materials you’ll save due to the increased potency thus you using less materials and saving more money.

4. Vaporizers are the safest method of inhalation

You think a crack pipe, bong, joint or even a can is safe? Lol, you’re flat out ignorant! Vaporizers don’t ever use a flame, we all know a flame uses fuel to burn which is a carcinogen itself. The heat from a vaporizer will crystallize the THC to produce flavorful vapor without it ever combusting to overburn like an open flame would do which deters the materials of your experience.

5. Hospitals use vaporizers for patients

What works for patients in chronic pain is marijuana, the hospitals can use CBD and THC oils to vaporize for their patience in the states with legal marijuana. It is an optional procedure, you can use the hospital vaporizers which are high-tech.

6. Vaporizers aren’t FDA approved

Nope, hasn’t come to a federal level with the laws and restrictions that are in effect with vaporizers. It isn’t at a level to where thee FDA needs to be involved since vaporizers themselves contain no ingredients.

7. Most expensive vaporizer in the world is the Herbalizer

For $700, you can buy one of the most expensive vaporizers in the world. The Herbalizer is a very complex unit which was designed by NASA engineers.

8. Titanium is the most durable heating element

Titanium is a metal that has some of the best heat conduction cause it’ll take the heat and synergize itself to create stronger heat which will use less energy and save you more battery for longer vaporization sessions.

9. Gold Plated Copper is the best metal to use as a heat conductor

The Vapman uses gold plated copper base which acts as a very strong heating conductor to be able to effectively distribute heat at a level needed to get effective vaporization.

10. Vaporizer industry does 9 figures a year

$224 million dollars a year is what the vaporizer industry generates in revenue, that isn’t even including business to business sales and technology. The growth rate of the vaporizer industry is increasing by the day.

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