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The OTTO Grinder -- The Future of Grinding

Posted by Rob Jones on

Otto Grinder

Grinding and milling herbs have been one of the most common and practical means of improving your overall loose-leaf experience. Whether you’re packing a bowl of herbs, rolling a joint, or if you’re filling up your vape chamber, grinding your herbs is undoubtedly the best way to go. It allows more of the herbs to cover better surface area (in conduction vaporizers) or allow hot air to easily permeate (in convection vaporizers) your material. Though grinding herbs means that one has to put in extra effort in manually twisting the grinder to bring one’s material to a fine and fluffy consistency, many still go through the careful and meticulous process of herb grinding because of its benefits. But what if we can skip the painstaking part and just get to have that perfectly milled herbs in seconds? Recently, a company called Banana Bros. unveiled the world’s first smart grinder, OTTO.

OTTO is designed and engineered to provide users with a professional-quality grind, the likes you’ve never seen before. Banana Brothers’ OTTO Grinder can mill your herbs and roll you the perfect cone all at the same time, never before has any grinder offered such convenience let alone to grind and roll with just a touch of a button. Join me today as I review this smart milling tool, let’s find out if it’s worth all the hype.


Goin’ Bananas

I’ve been using grinders since I started smoking weed. A friend of mine introduced me to both grinding and smoking herbs at the same time. Be it vaping or traditional smoking, ground herbs yield better results. Grinding can be a pain, especially for beginners and newcomers who have no idea how and why should they be grinding their herbs. Sure it’s not rocket science but there’s more to grinding herbs than what it actually looks like. Manual herb grinders make up the large sum of the grinders in the market, from basic 2-piece shredders to elaborate 4 and 5-piece grinders, they all involve the twisting motion one has to apply in order to mill the herbs. It’s no easy task, the same is said especially for moist herbs and those that have branch-like stems that are just tough as nails. Cheap grinders just turn them into smaller nugs instead of milling them, I find that cheap ass shredders just press my buds together. Grinders alone take up a quarter of a portion of cannabis-related products and the introduction of OTTO may just change how we grind our materials.

Since it’s announcement, people from my cannabis community have been raving about how good it’s going to be and how it is to change how you grind and roll your herbs. Here’s how the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros. looks like in paper.

  • All-In-One-Tool
  • Grinds Herb and Rolls Cones Rapidly
  • Rolls 20-30 Cones Per Charge
  • Patented SMART Grinding
  • Automatically Adjusts Grinding Based on Material
  • Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • Odor-Proof
  • Premium Cones
  • Spill-Proof O-Funnel
  • Sleek, Functional Design
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Simple Controls
  • Rapid USB Charging

Honestly, that’s an impressive resume for a grinder. Sure, spill-proof and odor-proof grinders aren’t at all new but an electric grinder that automatically adjusts according to the material you put in is definitely something else. But we all know new isn’t always better. My concerns about automatic grinding are that you totally won’t have control over the consistency of the material output. Unlike with manual grinders, you can easily customize the uniformity and the regularity of the herbs depending on your needs, though the OTTO is yet to be tested. Thanks to its patented SMART grinding, OTTO can sense the consistency of its content and automatically calibrates its motion for the “perfect” grind. I say I’m ready to be convinced.


Using The OTTO Grinder

True to its word, the OTTO lets you grind herbs like you were making coffee. Here’s how you operate it.

  1. Put one of OTTO’s premium cone inside the tube -- for when you like to light up a joint.
  2. Place your loose-leaf material onto the OTTO herb chamber and gently close the grinder.
  3. Put the grinder carefully atop the cone tube, magnetic connections securely hold both components in place. Should you be packing a vaporizer herb chamber, simply use a tray to catch the ground material before loading your vape herb chamber with your favorite botanical strain.
  4. After all, is set, press and hold the power button to bring OTTO to life and a single tap on the power button once it’s on signals OTTO to start grinding.
  5. Finally, the ground material gets poured over by a funnel to OTTO’s premium cones. Twist the tip of the cone to seal in your fresh herbs and start smoking.

I think that was it, I took out the rolled herbs and started to smoke my weed. Honestly, I’m not mad at it. The consistency of I got easily cherried the herbs and all the more provided steady burn. I tested it on a vaporizer though the result was only pretty decent. I wouldn’t recommend using it on a convection oven vape since you’d have to be mindful not to tightly pack your herbs since you’ll get tighter draws and poorly vaporizes your materials.

Another concern I had with the OTTO Grinder is kief. Kief is probably the best part of the cannabis plant, it’s that crystal coating that covers the but and sticks to your fingers as soon as you touch the nugs. It’s where the cannabinoids and the terpenes are which gives the cannabis plant its psychoactive effects. 4 part and 5 part grinders have kief collectors that sift the herbs and allow you to gather kief after you’ve milled your herbs. I don’t think I can see a pollen collector with the OTTO, though instead of collecting kief it mixes it with the ground material which still allows the herbs in the cone to retain its potency. It’s something I’d like to see in future product models from Banana Bros. But really I can’t complain, the OTTO has made a believer out of me and I appreciate having a convenient grinder when I need one. It’s the perfect solution for quick and easy milling and rolling.

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