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The Dr. Dabber Switch -- Smarter, Better

Posted by Rob Jones on

Dr Dabber Switch

In the recently held CHAMPS Tradeshow in Las Vegas, resident vaporizer manufacturer Dr. Dabber stole the show and unveiled its latest portable e-rig, the Dr. Dabber Switch. The Dr. Dabber Switch is chock filled with features you sorta knew was possible in vaping though you never really saw it even amongst some of the most advanced top-shelf vaporizers in today's industry. It’s something I believe we all wished for but we’re not really sure we’re ready for.

Upon seeing the Switch it kind of reminded me of another e-rig I’ve had the pleasure of squandering my well-earned riches on, the Puffco Peak. They share striking similarities and personally, I couldn't help but think that the Switch is Dr. D’s answer to Puffco’s smart e-rig. Both look sleek and sexy AF and are jam-packed with cutting-edge features I’m sure you’ll love. As advertised, the Dr. Dabber Switch is engineered and designed for your optimum vaping pleasure, though surprisingly, the Dr. Dabber Switch seemingly steps forward and improves from the traditional Dr. Dabber devices. Not only can it vaporize dabs which is Dr. D’s specialty but it treads upon uncharted territory for the doctor, flowers and dry herb materials. The Switch is geared towards vaping dabs and buds while sporting a unique heating style. It’s dubbed as the world’s first induction powered e-rig and boasts insanely fast heat up time, in just 3-4 seconds it promises satisfying results making it one of the fastest multi-purpose vaporizer on today’s market. Like most vape enthusiast, I would admit that the Dr. Dabber Switch got me a little excited.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is still in pre-order status so make sure you snatch one from a reputable online store. Follow this link to get a good deal on Dr. D’s Switch. I feel like it would be great to see how the Switch stacks up against the Puffco Peak before we get our hands on it. So without further ado, here’s our pound for pound review.


The Tale of The Tape

We’ll start off by looking at some of their notable features, something that sets them apart from the average unit. Here's a quick look.

puffco vs peak

While the Puffco Peak came in first in the smart e-rig scene, the Dr. Dabber Switch poses some serious features that could beat the Peak by a mile.


Conduction Versus Induction

The Puffco Peak clearly runs on conduction heating as it uses a 510 threaded atomizer outfitted with a ceramic cup nail that heats up through contact with the heating element. The Switch, on the other hand, uses induction heating which targets its ceramic induction cups. This isn’t rocket-science but the results of both heating technology are surprisingly different.

For one, It’s pretty obvious that the Switch beats the Peak in heat up time in epic proportions, the difference between 20 seconds and 3 seconds is unmistakably exponential. While both portable e-rigs use ceramic based chambers, the conduction atomizer takes several seconds before it’s ready while the induction heating technology immediately zaps the ceramic induction cup and yields almost instantaneous results. Let’s bear in mind that ceramic is a component which takes the longest to heat even when compared to titanium and quartz. Induction heating allows the cups to absorb the high-frequency current from the Switch’s alternating electromagnetic field inducing eddy currents for a more precise, targeted, and rapid heating compared to conventional heating technology like conduction and even convection heating styles. This lets you vape with the Dr. Dabber Switch with almost no prep time at all.


Longer, Better Vaping Sessions

I must admit, while I’m still crazy in love with my Peak, a 150 draw per charge is quite head and shoulders above just 20 to 30 hits per charge. This means less charging and more vaping, longer vaping sessions and fewer pit-stops just to charge the vaporizer unit. This means vaping on a roll with no intention to stop for breaks, the Dr. Dabber Switch takes the meaning of reliable battery to the next level. In comparison to the Peak, Puffco Peak’s battery charges for more than an hour while Dr. D’s Switch reaches 100% battery level in just 60 minutes. This makes the Switch better for group sessions where you want to pass your e-rig around, like the Peak, it has no cords so handing it over to the next stoner wouldn’t be a problem. The Dr. Dabber Switch features an internal memory which keeps your favorite temperature settings giving the next dude the same exact experience as the last one, that’s why the Switch is good for parties since everybody gets to experience the same kind of high. Similarly, the Puffco Peak is outfitted with an Intelligent Temperature Calibration. Though instead of just remembering the setting, the Peak adjusts the heat level of the ceramic cup nails based on its current temperature so everybody is on the same level of high. I find that the Peak would work better for smaller group sessions because it allows a smaller number of draws per charge. The Switch is more for the professional and demanding vaping sessions as opposed to the casual group sessions best suited for the Peak.


In Closing

The Peak comes up a little bit short in the spec sheet though I still love how it hits. Only time can tell how really good the Switch is, let me know what you think of Dr. D’s latest product. I’ve been told that shipping started sometime in May though I am yet to receive my Dr. Dabber Switch, you can tell that I’m really stoked about this product.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both the Switch and the Peak. However, the Dr. Dabber Switch makes for a smarter, if not better portable e-rig between the two. A portable vaporizer suited for both the everyday consumer and the cannabis connoisseur.  

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