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VaporGenie Vaporizer Review

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There are certainly many different types of vaporizers on the market today, particularly those that try to make vaping as simple and pleasurable as possible. One of the more noted ones on the market is the VaporGenie Vaporizer. This simple, yet powerful vaping unit has certainly garnered a considerable amount of positive press, but does it really deliver all of what it promises?

What the VaporGenie Vaporizer Includes:

Of the many vaporizing products, this is one of the simplest as there are only two items that make up this vaporizer.

  • VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer Unit
  • Owner’s Manual

The Features of the VaporGenie Vaporizer

There are certainly a number of features that this particular product provides despite its one-piece design and emphasis on being low in price.

Fast Warm Up: The warm up time for this vaporizer is particularly fast which means that from the time of activation until the contents are ready to be vaped is generally quicker than most other vaporizers of its type.

Normal Lighter: There is no electronic ignition as it uses an ordinary lighter to provide the initial heat. This is part of the time-saving aspect of this device which makes it one of the best for its type on the market today.

Compact: Because there are fewer electronics involved, the Genie Vaporizer is one of the more compact units available today. While you will need a lighter, this does make it easier to carry around on your person.

Intuitive to Use: Simplicity seems to be the main focus of the design and it pays off as vaping with this product is fairly straightforward. So, whether you have used a vaporizer before or are just starting out, this is a simple one to learn.

Lifetime Warranty: Although the Genie Vaporizer is durable and long lasting, it does come with a lifetime warranty which means that if the product you get is defective or does not hold up through normal use, the warranty will cover whatever goes wrong under those circumstances.

Advantages Of Vapor Genie

The Genie Vaporizer does have a number of benefits that can be quite useful, especially for those who are just starting out with vapor units.
Portable: The unique design means that you can carry this product anywhere and be able to use it quickly. You can easily put it in your travel bag or your pocket and take it with you to work or on vacation if you so desire.

Durability: Despite its relatively small size, this is quite the durable unit as it will hold up under normal use for quite a long time. The one piece design and reduced amount of electronics also means that there are fewer things that can go wrong as well.

 VaporGenie Vaporizer Review

Overall Conclusion Of Vapor Genie

The Genie Vaporizer is one remarkable unit that provides plenty of vaping action thanks to its simple, straightforward design. In addition, it is also very reasonably priced and will last a long time barring any extraordinary incident.
For those who want an intuitive to use vaporizer with a very quick ignition system thanks to using a simple lighter, the Genie Vaporizer is for you.

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