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Lots of people are starting to learn the one of the best portable vaporizers is the Iolite Wispr. They have done so much to the Iolite version they came up with the Iolite V2 Vaporizer. It is a unique butane-powered vaporizers coming from what looks like a mobile phone type of vaporizer, giving discreet and portable use to vaporize any type of aromatherapy products you can think of. Maximum loading volume in the chamber with discreet portability. You get two year manufactures warranty on the vaporizer . It is constructed of Ultem plastic with high quality heat transfer and strength with light weight and durability. Using materials aromatherapy products from the world renowned plastic technology in the food industry, guaranteeing a full flavorful, tasteless, odorless experience.


Iolite Wispr Vaporizer uses pre-set operations that cannot be adjusted. Temperature settings are 410 F. Within 20 seconds, you get full power to be able to use your vaporizer. In order to maintain good temperature the vaporizer will turn off and on so you won’t seek combustion with your materials. When the vaporizer is ready to use an orange light will turn on.


The Wispr is easy to track the fuel level as it has a gauge to let you know how much butane you have left. All you have to do is use a butane can to refill by using the gas valve at the bottom of the vaporizer. It is a very light weight design as it only weighs 5 ounces and the dimensions are small and compacted at 3.45’’ x 2.75’’ x 1.15’.

 Iolite Portable Vaporizer

How To Use The Iolite Wispr

Using the Wispr is simple. You load your blend and remove the rubber mouth piece to load on top of the screen. Packing your blend loose so the heat can evenly distribute without being blocked off. All you have to do is slide the loading cartridge back in and replace the rubber mouth piece. At the bottom of the iolite, you’ll find the heating element. Within 30 seconds you’ll be able to use your portable vaporizer after you’ve loaded the materials into the loading chamber. You’ll get around 10-15 pulls which is more than your average vaporizer.
iolite WispR V2 Construction

This nice portable vaporizer was built and constructed in Ireland. It uses a catalytic heating element constructed of Ultem; high grade plastic invented in the food industry. You’ll know you get clean hits and flavorful, odorless tastes vaporizing with the iolite Wispr. The benefits are an extremely light weight and discreet vaporizer with minimal heat transfer to allow the vaporizer to stay cool without overheating and burning your materials.

Accessories That come With the Iolite Wispr

You get many things with the iolite which comes with a full kit aside from the Wispr itself. Carrying case, instruction manual and a maintenance tool. The vaporizer itself comes with two pipe cleaners, mouth piece, filling chamber, durable mesh screen and two mouthpiece tips.1 x Iolite Wispr Vaporizer 1 x Carrying Case 1 x Maintenance Tool 1 x User Manual 1 x 2 Pipe Cleaners 1 x Filling Chamber 1 x Mesh Screen 2 x Mouthpiece Tips

Maintaining Your Portable Vaporizer

Since you are provided with the necessary tools the iolite utensils make sure you’ll keep your vaporizer in top form. Over time, certain parts will require a replacement. The two mesh screen in the filling chamber and in the heat pin chamber will overtime require a replacement. You’ll need to maintain the filling chamber and the mouth pieces to get the optimal performance of the iolite Wispr. You can find all the parts you need online for low prices but as long as you keep the vaporizer up to standards, you’ll get the optimal use every time.

What Accessories Give You

Being such a colorful, beautiful vaporizer that kind of looks like a juice box due to its shape. Iolite offers this juice box In many different colors in which the customer can choose from. It is a butane product so there aren’t to many accessories available in relation to charging your vaporizer. You can find new parts online at the Wispr’s website which will feature all the parts you need to be in compliment to use the Wispr. You’ll find that the carrying case itself is very useful in bringing your vaporizer on new trips when you travel a lot.

Can I use Oils and Waxes?

The Iolite wispr is a dry vaporizer only. You cannot use liquids with the iolite wispR since its loading chamber doesn’t utilize that feature. You should note to yourself that the Iolite Wispr uses loading blends and not rolling blends so keep that in mind when looking for your vaporizers materials for your aromatherapy sessions.


The Iolite Wispr is a high quality butane-powered portable vaporizer which gives all the users the highest quality ability to vaporizer all your aromatherapy blends at a high quality rate with pre-set temperature controlled settings. If you want to buy a vaporizer online, you can find many different store that offer this product. YourVaporizers is proud to say we feature this product as one of the top rated portable vaporizers.

Iolite Wispr Rating

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