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Inhalater Vaporizer Review

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Inhalter Vaporizer Review

There are many in the vaping community that have heard the positive reviews of the Inhalater Vaporizer. This particular model represents a new, revolutionary approach that has certainly raised some eyebrows as many in the community thought that further innovation on this scale was not possible.

Nevertheless, the question remains as to whether the Inhalater Vaporizer really lives up to all the promises that it offers.

What the Inhalater Vaporizer Includes:

  • INH05 Inhalater Vaporizer
  • Charging Unit
  • 2 Standard Capsules
  • 4 Cleaning Towelettes
  • 10 Cleaning Tools
  • 4 Hygienic Tips
  • Owner’s Manual

Most of the product outside the vaporizer is designed to keep it clean for maximum vaping efficiency. The owner’s manual is very clean, efficient and describes how to make the vaporizer work properly.

The Features of the Inhalater Vaporizer

The core of the Inhalater Vaporizer is what they describe as a revolutionary change in how portable vaporizing units work. Using a dual conduction/convection method, only the second one of its type to be put out on the market, the goal of this particular unit is to be more efficient while providing the vaping action that so many people desire.

Speed: Simply turn the unit on and chamber inside will quickly heat up. When you pull in on the unit, the air will circulate around the chamber which creates the vapor that is in turn drawn into the lungs. This simple method is very fast and makes this one of the best on the market today.

Durable: Although fast, the overall design is fairly simple and durable thanks to the use of high quality materials. The unit itself is made from a thermoplastic polymer which is not only quite tough and durable, but it also conducts heat most efficiently as well.

Quality Materials: In addition to the thermoplastic polymer is Nichrome, a non-magnetic alloy that consists of chromium, nickel and iron. These elements are quite durable and provide the unit with even longer life by resisting the high temperatures inside the chamber.

Advantages Using The Inhalter

There are a number of benefits to using this vaporizer, particularly if you have used one or two in the past that did not hold up very well.

Simplicity: Despite the new advancement in terms of using both conduction and convection to heat the chamber, the simplicity of the unit means that it will generally last a very long time under normal use. This can be quite advantageous to those who like a particular vaporizer.

Quality: Overall, the Inhalater Vaporizer is one of the highest quality units on the market today for its size. While the price may seem a little steep compared to some similar models, the overall longevity of the device plus its powerful performance makes it well worth the cost.


Although a bit pricey, the Inhalater Vaporizer truly delivers in terms of its unique vaping action. A powerful new system of heating that will no doubt be copied by others in terms of form, but not of quality, this is a wonderful vaporizer for those who want the best quality and simplicity of use.

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