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Randy's Chill – The First and Only Freezable Tube Vaporizer

Posted by Rob Jones on

Portable vaporizers have been a staple for those who want a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis or tobacco. In the past decade, the number of vaporizer users skyrocketed that what was once a small niche for smokers is now a mainstream "thing." Almost everyone wants in in this growing industry that all the vaporizers that we see today are almost the same, a rebranded, remodeled version of what could otherwise be the mundane and the ordinary.   

In my search for the unique and the extraordinary, I managed to come across what they say is probably the world's first and only "freezable tube vaporizer." That's something different though I would have to say that the sensation of cool and crisp vapors isn't exactly something new to smokers and vape enthusiasts. We've seen the likes of moldable bong kits which allows one to easily make one out of ice, but a portable vaporizer? The experience might be worth going out for. So, I went out and ordered one of these freezable tube vaporizers and I decided that I'd make a review on Randy's Chill. Join me and read through this article if you'd want to know more about how this unique vaporizer works.   



Randy's have been involved in the smoking industry since 1975 by manufacturing "wired rolling papers" that use super-fine stainless-steel wires which aid the "rolling" of the papers, turning what was once an arduous feat into a simple and easy task. Randy's have been known for innovating staple smoking items like what they have done with the common rolling paper and turning them into inspirational masterpieces. Like all good stories of innovation and success, Randy's began when a group of friends who were rolling their own began running into the same problem of burning their fingers as soon as the joints start to get low. By using wires, not only have they addressed this issue but they also changed the way smokers smoke their favorite strains and have provided the industry with a solution for a common concern amongst smokers.  

The same innovative genius can be seen in their Chill vaporizer. It's a one of a kind portable vaporizer that can vaporize both dry vegetable matter like loose-leaf, flowers, and herbs as well as concentrates like ear wax, shatter, and budderRandy's Chill allows you the freedom to use both kinds of materials while experiencing a distinct cool hit. Randy's continue to show what made them one of the most popular brands of rolling papers and that after even after 43 years they still have what it takes to turn one thing that is normal into something special.   


The Big Chill   

The Chill is regarded as an innovative milestone especially by most portable vaporizer users who share the same view as the people from Randy's who believe that almost every vaporizer on the market are designed with the heating element sticking too close to the mouthpiece. Without enough space for the vapors to travel and cool down, the user usually suffers from coughing because of the harshness of the vapor apart from other consequences from drawing hot vapors like losing some of the flavors of the material in the process.  

The folks at Randy's believe that the Chill takes the vapors to the perfect temperature allowing users to draw vapors that are easy to both the lungs and the throat. If you're the kind of vaper who likes to get the most out of the material they're vaping on then the Chill from Randy's is the perfect vaporizer for you.   



Even the packaging of the Randy's Chill vaporizer, in my opinion, is pretty innovative. I've unboxed almost a lot of vaporizers and I can say the Chill's packaging is kind of cool (pun intended, still within context). You just have to pull the cover of the box upwards to reveal its contents. Unlike any other unboxing I've done before, I noticed that the contents of the box are organized standing upright unlike other vaporizers that are arranged in a reclined position. Housed in two separate-- but smaller – boxes, you'll find the other contents like the extra coils, the extra tube, and the USB charger.   


Using the Chill  

What I loved about the Chill from Randy's is that it works the same way as any other vaporizer. Hitting the power button five times turns it on while tapping the power button thrice once you've powered it on allows you to toggle in between the three preset heat profiles for both herbs and concentrates. I honestly didn't have to go through any learning curve in order to enjoy and experience the smooth hits from Chill. Operating it comes naturally and one wouldn’t exactly have to read a manual to figure it out. True to their word, Randy's Chill puts the heating element far down the bottom of the vaporizer battery, unlike the common vaporizer design where you'd find the atomizer atop the vaporizer battery sitting close to the mouthpiece.   

The Chill uses two premium handblown mouthpieces, one can be used to add water filtration for moisture-conditioned hits while the other is the freezable tube which contains a non-toxic freezer safe gel in it. I waited around 10 to 15 minutes before I took it out of the fridge which lasted me 4 to 5 long drags before I felt the vapors return to room temperature. One good thing to bear in mind that unlike other cannabis vaporizers, the Chill from Randy's does not self-heat which means you have to hold the power button and draw from the mouthpiece while holding the button down. I think that it perfectly complements the freezable tube design of the Chill since constant heating – without the user's control – will most likely heat up the gel inside the tube quickly.   

I'm not mad about it, in fact, I love it. I'm really glad that the Chill got my attention because I honestly have not been happier with inhaling cool vapors like I am with the Chill. I have also noticed that while a longer air path cools the vapors better, it also helps in dissipating any irritants in the vapor that might cause you to get that itchy throat feeling when you're vaping.   

Overall, I'd say that I'm impressed with Randy's Chill. What do you guys think? Is a vaporizer with a cooler vapor output better than the traditional vaporizer that delivers hard-kicking hot vapor from? Only time will tell as we get more feedback from the community but I'd give Randy's Chill two thumbs up!   

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