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Haze Square

Posted by Rob Jones on

Haze Square

The Haze Square is a portable vaporizer utilizing a quad chamber setup, the first and only of its kind in the market right now. Having four chambers to keep all sorts of material inside a single vaporizer is pretty cool and definitely very convenient, especially for those who prefer a lot of options for their sessions. The Haze Square can accommodate your herbs, waxes, and other concentrates or liquids. Keep one in each chamber so you can switch from one material to another quickly and enjoy a truly versatile vaping experience without having to refill every now and then.


Extreme Versatility

Those who bring along their portable vaporizers outside their home usually carry extra chambers or herb for refills. The quad chamber system of the Haze Square lets you forego that habit since all you need to bring is this device with the four chambers already loaded inside. Now you don’t have to mess with loose herb and not have to fiddle around with reloading your device.

This quad chamber is obviously the headliner for the Haze Square, and we didn’t even realize how much we needed a vaporizer with four chambers until this came along. As an aside, the four chambers and the rotating plate system allows you to have a bit of fun playing with the device, using it as a fidget toy, sort of. To be certain, this quad-chamber thing seemed to be just a gimmick until we tried it for ourselves and found it to be a very useful component.

How To Use

So how do you use it, exactly? Open up the Haze Square via the thumb screw on the unit. Remove the lid of the quad-chamber tray and load up each of the four canisters with the material you want. Keep a different sort in each chamber or load up the whole thing with just one kind – either way, you’d be saving yourself the time and hassle of having to keep refilling your device. Replace the chamber tray, reassemble and close the device with the thumb screw, and you’re ready to vape. Since each of the four chambers are above the heating element, just rotate the plate when you want to switch from oil to herb, for example.

Advanced Features

Each of the four chambers is located above a single on-demand convection heating unit. The ceramic heating element allows for balanced, consistent heat all throughout, producing great flavor no matter the material. It works fast, too, with the atomizer producing vapor within three seconds on average. Some of the vaporizers we had tried in the past seem to produce a hot vapor that can be a bit harsher than what we were looking for. The Haze Square, however, is also designed to have an isolated air path made of ceramic and stainless steel so that you can enjoy smoother hits and better flavor on every draw. The ceramic mouthpiece cools the vapor just before you draw a hit.

Having an isolated air path means the heating pathway does not come into direct contact with any of the electronics. The ceramic element utilizes a titanium coil, offering the advantages of convection heating in such a small device. For those who don’t know the difference, convection heating is definitely better than conduction heating. For one, a vaporizer using convection heating will produce vapor a lot faster than a device with conduction heating only. Another thing is the ceramic heating element never touches your materials, so you get denser and better-flavored clouds without running the risk of combustion.

You can adjust heating temperatures via the plus-minus buttons on top of the unit. Take note: for those who want precise temperature control, this is not the device for you. The temperature settings are preset to 335, 355, 380, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit only. Because the device does not have an LCD screen, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to set exact heating temperatures accurately. The Haze Square gives you a hint, though, as the LED light on the unit will change from blue to red as you increase the heating temperature.

What the Haze Square may lack in terms of customization and control, it more than makes up for with great portability and ease of use. Aside from the convenience offered by the quad-chamber system, the device itself is only three inches long, weighs 25 grams, and small enough to fit in almost anyone’s palm. Its black aluminum case is smooth to the touch but doesn’t shine as much as you’d expect, which is helpful if you’re vaping outside your home and don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing. Add to that the fact that the device doesn’t emit odors at all, and you’ve got quite a stealthy vaporizer in your pocket.

The battery life of the Haze Square is not what you’d call exceptional, but it is good enough to let you use up all four chambers from a single charge. The device has a USB-C port for charging, which can take around 40 minutes or less if you’re charging a dead battery. Once it is fully charged, the device can let you enjoy around 30+ draws (using up all four loads in the chambers) at very high heat settings. That’s not bad at all. Plus the device has what they call “Smart Temperature Technology” that memorizes the last heat settings you used from a previous session.

There’s More?

You might also want to know that there is a Pro version of the Haze Square. Both look completely identical and perform exactly the same, but the Pro model offers a few more features such as customizable temperature via their app, Haptic feedback, and customizable LED colors.

All things considered, we can see how the Haze Square can be a bestseller. The versatility and convenience it offers is indeed great value for your money. It is a compact device that will fit very comfortably and discreetly in your hand when you want your vaping to be inconspicuous, and it isn’t bulky at all when you’re keeping it in your pocket.

In summary, here’s what the Haze Square and the Haze Square Pro has to offer:

  • 2600mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Convection Heating
  • Haptic Feedback Vibration
  • Built-In Mouthpiece Storage
  • Impact Resistant Aluminum Housing
  • Variable and Adjustable Temperature Levels
  • Downloadable App for Better Customization Options

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